Muslim Brotherhood Group Now Targeting High Schools

it was only a matter of time before the Islamists figured out a way to get an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhoods MSA ( Muslim Student Association) into high schools throughout the country. Enter MIST of Nashville.

MIST- The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament ( )has several chapters in the United States and seeks to expand. MIST Nashville is also the brainchild of Lema Sbenaty of Murfreesboro, a Muslim Student Association / Muslim Brotherhood supporter.  MIST- National was founded in 2002  by Shazia Siddiqi   and the Muslim Student  Association alumni from the University of Houston.

According to the MIST National website,  their objective is seemingly a good one:

We are dedicated to empowering high school students by giving them a venue to

  1. Develop confidence and professionalism by practicing presentation, public speaking, and problem solving skills
  2. Meet and network with diverse peers who share the same talents and interests
  3. Express their thoughts and ideas through various creative mediums

However, good faith is lost when you read Step 8: Finding a Sponsor. In that it states:

1.The Ummah:  (Community) We are Muslims in non-Muslim countries. As such, it is the duty of each and every one of us to inform and educate others about Islam.

More deception under the “Forming a high school MSA” is  “If you are in a public school, make sure that you emphasize that your MSA is an academic group and not a religious one.”  But further down in “creating a core group” it states “If you come up against any reluctance, emphasize that your MSA is for anyone interested in LEARNING and clearing misconceptions about Islam. This may facilitate school approval.

As it states in the Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Goal for North America, Dawa (proselytizing) is of utmost importance to persuade people of other faiths to convert to Islam.  So once again the creation of an organization that appears to be beneficial to all, is really just another way to enter into our society to indoctrinate our children.

Parents must be vigilante in your child’s school environment.  Islamic training of teachers and administrators, bias textbooks and now extra curricular activities need to be watched closely.  The Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters are certainly alive and well in Middle Tennessee.

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4 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood Group Now Targeting High Schools

  1. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Muslim Brotherhood Group Now Targeting High Schools

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seduction of indoctrination. They will go to any means necessary even finding ways around religious indoctrination. SNAKES.

  3. ljcarolyne says:

    This is evil to the Nth degree! That Hendersonville school full well had understanding of this crime against American young people, no doubt. Obama is at the very root, stem, and head of it all.
    Amanda Elmore, the high school teacher knew as well, taking our students to a radical mosque for a test run, just to see what could happen right under their parent’s nose. Who’s kidding who on what is going on, corruption to the core. Looking at the ‘big picture,’ child trafficking is involved among evil other things. Muslim motives are always Godless and highly dangerous. They have no business in our country let alone our schools. We don’t want or need those rag heads here in any shape, form or fashion. Send their A$$ES back to SCREWING THEIR DAMN GOATS, MARRYING THEIR OWN SMALL CHILDREN. . . how disgusting are these corrupted gene pool Muslims.

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