Remziya Suleyman and Her Muslim Brotherhood Friends

By now you should know the local egotistical  “voice” for Muslims in Middle Tennessee, Remziya Suleyman is rooted deeply in  the Muslim Brotherhood. If you didn’t, another video has surfaced of her, this time she is speaking for the Hamas group CAIR ( council on American Islamic Relations) in Arizona.

At first glance, Ms. Suleyman could almost appear to just be a lost soul that has found a cause and is cheerleading her way around the state for that cause. In the first video released last week, she appeared giddy, with a valley girl accent , stating she had no clue what sharia law was. This week she is seen in a picture from twitter at the 2012 CAIR banquet and  also is speaking for   the Arizona chapter of CAIR on  “American while Muslim”. Watch for yourself here.


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