What Muslims Really Think of Gays, &Public Schools

They claim to stand for justice for all. They claim to be just like everyone else. They claim they support homosexuals. Well not quite. According to www.soundvision.com  they don’t really stand for anything non-Muslim. 


Soundvision.com  is an Islamic information center that  states  “The Mission of Sound Vision aims to produce content that helps build bridges of understanding among neighbors with emphasis on youth.”

But according to their website :

Sound Vision has asked Muslim counselor Shahina Siddiqui, Islamic activist and
author Ahmad Sakr, and former Islamic school principal Abdalla Idris Ali how
Muslims can discuss the issue of homosexuality from the Islamic perspective.

” What can also be done is to explain the harms associated with homosexuality.
Some of these, says Siddiqui, include diseases like AIDS, the fact that this
kind of sexual relationship does nothing to advance human civilization even in
terms of population (in other words, homosexuals do not even
procreate).This point is important because one of the main aims of sex
is to produce children in order to continue human life. Homosexuality does not
yield any children. It is a relationship purely for the sake of pleasure, which
is not only unnatural, but leads to disease and death.”

In regards to children changing together for gym classes it states :

“Parents and Muslim communities must be on guard against these types of
situations, which are not only dangerous to a young Muslim’s Islamic practice,
but can also make them the prey of gays and/or lesbians.”

“Do you know that your children’s textbooks teach them that homosexuality is
normal and opposition to it is homophobia?

Other article states:
Education in public school is supposed to be secular and objective but it often
reflects and perpetuates values and behaviors which our Creator does not want us
to have.”

You can read the entire articles here ( until they remove it, but we have copies)



So , onto another topic about Public Schools. They have entered our schools demanding   change and accommodations They say they have a right to send their children to our schools, but here is what they say about them.

Public Schools: The Great Melting Pot
Statistics say that people of various ethnic and religious
groups melt into the American system in just a few generations and become just
like other Americans. No doubt, the public school system contributes greatly to
this socialization process. Unless we constantly communicate with our children
and their teachers and unless we constantly keep an eye on their books and an
ear open to what they are saying about school, the education that we are so
concerned about giving them may cause more harm than good. The loss of
their Islamic identity is a terrible price to pay for their learning to read
English, add two and two, and attend public school in America.

read full article here: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/education/pubschool/edu.monitoring.asp

So what is wrong with becoming just like other Americans?  Its called assimilation. No one says you can’t have your religious identity, that’s up to the parents. In the grand scheme of things, it appears sending their children to our public schools is a “terrible price to pay”. So the next time you see a Muslim, ask them about soundvision, or how they feel about gays or our public schools. I bet they will say that’s the other Muslims .

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One Response to What Muslims Really Think of Gays, &Public Schools

  1. ljcarolyne says:

    Listen up, Muslims go back to where you came from and then you won’t have a “terrible price to pay” now will you, or shut up. What are these Muslims doing, bragging or complaining? Just like their leader Hussein Obama, the Usurper, I’ve never known whether he is bragging or complaining.

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