Rutherford County Parents Must Attend!

There is another storm brewing for the Rutherford County School board, and this time ( and probably thee only time ) I agree with them.  History and Social Studies teacher, Allen Nichols decided to hang this poster ( see below) in his classroom which states its a safe room for gays, lesbians bisexuals and transgender students. Then  during an open house   a Christian parent is offended and demands  the poster is removed. Now the American (Muslim) Civil Liberties Union has stepped in and demanded the poster be returned.

The GLBT students state the poster has hung since last year next to other student organizations so what’s the problem?  Yes, I can see how offensive a poster from the chess , knitting or art club would be. Are you kidding? One of the biggest problems is the ACLU. had it been a Muslim complaining the homosexual poster was offensive, the ACLU would have been all over the school to take  them down because it offended Muslims. Muslims , by the way believe homosexuality is a disease and will and have killed humans over this . So what a quandary they ACLU could be in. Do they defend gays or Muslims? While I realize that is not the current issue, its interesting to think about it.

Should a poster stating its a safe room for GLBT be in a public school? No. How about we classify all rooms safe for all of children? Why should my children feel any less important or safe?  Why is it assumed  that the only genre of people that’s bullied are gays, lesbians bisexuals or transgender ? Furthermore why do I have to accept, or have my child accept that cutting off body parts to turn into another gender is ok?  It is in no way shape or form the responsibility of a public school system to promote a classroom as being safe for homosexuals and their allies.

Of course another tree hugging group is riding in on the ACLU’s coattails. SOCM (Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment) has decided to come out of the trash pile and off the mountain to attend what they say is going to be a large turnout at the school board meeting.

The School Board meeting  is Weds, Sept 4  at 5pm, 2240 Southpark Dr, Murfreesboro TN.

I urge every parent and community member  that can attend this meeting do so. To allow the ACLU, and its ilk to further degrade our children’s  experience in our PUBLIC schools cant happen. The onslaught of anti Christian-judeo ,  American morals and values is   not only  being picked apart but flat out bludgeoned to death.

So to the ACLU, SOCM and whatever other GLBT group that intends to show up in purple, and wave the rainbow flag, just remember OUR ‘Suzy” and “Billy” have rights too, and we intend to start fighting for them!
















































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