Maury County School Board Limiting Free Speech

Sounds like the Maury County Director of Schools, Eddie Hickman gets his cues from U.S Attorney Bill Killian! Limiting the speech of those you represent is not a good idea. Case in point, Mr. Hickman removed Gideon bibles from display in the Maury County Schools, and Maury County residents, 1000 of them in fact didn’t like it.
The local woman who gathered those signatures spoke out at previous school board meetings to declare the outrage. Upon her attempting to present to the school board the 1000 names, and to clarify her position on this issue, she has been denied by Mr. Hickman to speak and to present the petition.
So what is the problem? Well, as I was told, it isn’t about the First Amendment for freedom of religion, it’s about the first amendment called the Petition Clause.
According to the U.S Constitution, which clearly so many school board leaders are ignorant of, The Petition Clause protects the right “to petition the government for a redress of grievances. This woman has followed the protocol for applying to speak at the school board meeting, and has been told she already addressed this issue, they are not addressing it again.
Really Mr. Hickman? Here is what the Constitution of the United States of America state:
The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to petition the government includes the right to do such things as picket, mail letters, sign petitions, publish materials or use other types of communication to get a message across to the government.” Further, The Freedom of Petition Clause applies equally  to state and local governments, as well as to the federal government.

So please explain  how a local official has the right to refuse to accept a petition from members of the community?

Let the members of the school board not forget, they are elected officials, so perhaps they can talk some sense into Mr. Hickman. If Mr. Hickman is willfully disregarding this issue, what other issues is he usurping his authority on?


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One Response to Maury County School Board Limiting Free Speech

  1. mike1942 says:

    The bible is not the only thing removed from Maury County schools. Over the last 10 years of Mr. Hickman’s tenure our children’s education has declined as measured by TCAP and ACT test scores. The Maury County School Board has removed educational information transparency and do not appreciate citizen involvement. A citizen must apply two weeks in advance and provide the subject matter to speak to the school board about an issue, and long before any published public agenda is provided. The school board has removed academic performance accountability from Mr. Hickman’s evaluations and he recently announced that Maury County’s TPAC score goals would be attaining state averages.

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