Remziya Suleyman and Sharia what?

Remziya Suleyman has the audacity to place herself on a ‘Dawa”  (proselytizing  of Islam) platform and she doesn’t even know her own doctrine. Seems like a scam folks. Ms. Suleyman parades through the halls of the Legislative building, portraying a false façade to our state leaders , and to many religious leaders throughout the area as well.


How is it that this self-described, Muslim activist lends one to believe she is the authority on her religion ?

“I remember picking up the phone calling my imams from across the state and I’m like guys , what is sharia- explain it to me , I gotta go talk to politicians”

Really Ms. Suleyman? You don’t have a clue.  You may wear the hijab, but that’s about as authentic as you get.  Perhaps Tennessee is waking up to the real Remziya Suleyman.

  watch the video:

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2 Responses to Remziya Suleyman and Sharia what?

  1. usar4me says:

    Perhaps she is practicing Takia… lying. She should know that Sharia law will penalize her sex and that if fully implemented Sharia would restrict her public life severely.

  2. Pam King says:

    That is like saying, “I am a Christian but I never heard of the 10 commandments!” If she were to admit that she knows what Sharia Law is, she just might get questioned on some of the laws, like, kill homosexuals, etc.

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