Meet Will Coley aka Willy Hillbilly

Takiyyah. Meaning: the art of deception, to lie to further a cause.
Will Coley is an expert. However we are exposing Mr. Hillybilly for exactly what he isnt. Willy Hillbilly ( as he called himself when he would email me) is a muslim convert that espouses the use of sharia law, not the constitution. He also is not a conservative related to any legitimate conservative organization. His is the founder of muslims4liberty.  He also was affiliated with the muslim student association while attending Valencia College in Florida. The muslim student association  is hardly an American icon, but rather listed as the number 2 “like-minded” friend of the muslim brotherhood.
Mubilly (muslim hillbilly) Coley has joined forces with AMPAC, to organize what was first billed “the million muslim march”. AMPAC has changed the name of this rally to the “million american march for fear”. The orginal premise was to “demand our civil rights and freedom of religion”. However, once AMPAC organizer Isa Hodge realized what a mistake that was, he changed it to include anyone that would boost their numbers. Coleys most recent con job is the National Gun Association. Yes Mr. Coley likes his guns, yes he speaks out against the current scsndals such as the NSA, but not for the reasons a true American speaks out for. He believes in sharia law, which is completely antithetical to our way of life.
Coley and his bogus organization need to be exposed . If you see or hear of any organization joining with AMPAC, or any muslim/ islamic organization, please email or call them, include this link, and request they reconsider.

will coley

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2 Responses to Meet Will Coley aka Willy Hillbilly

  1. Will Coley says:

    So exactly WHO ARE YOU? and when did I email you ever?

  2. Will Coley says:

    so are you simply going to ignore my direct question? Exactly WHEN did I EVER email you? Neither I nor, any of the liberty community activists that I know in Middle Tennessee ever heard of you.

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