Islam in Public Schools…again

Its spreading like a disease. Once again, the local Islamists have dared to enter a public school to spread their propaganda. What a welcome Springfield High School students in Robertson County had as they entered the halls which were donned with posters of islamic Dawa (prosteisizing)

Parents of Robertson County Schools need to be aware, once the Islamist foot is in the door, a flood of accomodations will surely follow.

Below is a picture( slightly blurry) of one of the posters in the school.

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4 Responses to Islam in Public Schools…again

  1. LISA says:

    ewwww, we need to talk!

  2. Anna says:

    The overreaction of this poster online is a reminder of why I should only believe about 5% of what I see online. I know the teacher of the classroom that the poster was made in and know that the teacher is a Christian. Some things that have been posted on other websites have been cruel and hateful about this teacher and this situation. Being a Christian myself, I am not offended by the poster or what is being taught about Islam. It gives me another chance to remind my children about our own faith as well as other religions. Perhaps some of those that has overreacted should do the same. I doubt that will happen. More people would rather jump on the bank wagon and get bent out of shape about something that is blown way out of proportion. To each his own.

    • ch565 says:

      What over reaction? perhaps you should be offended. Do you know anything about islam? You are exactly why they are indoctrinating the youth of our country.

    • Pam King says:

      Anna, I am interested in knowing just how much you do know about Islam. Can you answer just a couple of questions? 1) Who did Abraham take to the mountain to kill? 2) Did Jesus actually die on the cross? 3) Is Jesus God?
      I certainly believe that every religion has the right to worship as they see fit. However, if you know the answers to these 3 questions, you will understand why, according to Islam, their laws require them to conquer all non-muslims, convert them or kill them. A radical muslim is one that follows the Qu’ran.

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