Islamists Jumping on Race Wagon

There is some real divisiveness happening in cities across the country, including Middle Tennessee, and its being cheered on by a white muslim woman named Drost Kokoye. Yes, a young woman that has politicians and the interfaith community fooled thinking she is a professional working for immigrant rights.  Since the verdict of George Zimmerman was handed down, this “activist” has done nothing but speak out against white people.

This “activist” was hiding her true self under her hijab, but her true colors are surfacing, including a large chip on her shoulder. You’ll find Ms. Kokoye riding the coat tails of Remziya Suleyman, attending forums , pretending to be oh so interested in what the white folk has to say.  Ms. Kokoye until recently, was a multicultural organizer for   TIRRC, the ” Tennessee Refugee Rights Coalition, where she actually did some good work.  Her crass, outspoken way worked when she called for rights for immigrants, but she has discredited herself by jumping on the race wagon.
Its amusing how her disdain for “white privilege” has come about. She has lived here, in America since she was 5 yrs old, and certainly has not experienced a life of poverty. Her father holds a prestigious position as an assistant professor at Vanderbilt university, and Drost herself went to college at MTSU, so she certainly lived that white privilege she now speaks out against.

Not only is she hypocritical , she also seems angry. Angry because she is a white Muslim woman, living a great life in the USA? She has never seen the hardships of the blacks she so half heartedly stands up for , so what is her problem?

Below are some of her recent tweets. perhaps these should be forwarded to all the “white” legislators and “white” interfaith people she deceives on a daily  basis.

drost on white people

drost on white people1



What’s even more amusing is how when its convenient she loves being white, like agreeing with Remziya Suleyman, on the appointment of Tom Perez to the Dept of Labor:

drost perez


So what is it Ms Kokoye? Why are you so mad?  Seems having friends in high places is a white privilege isn’t it?

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