Islamist TV Coming Soon

As if the Muslim Brotherhoods infiltration of American airwaves isn’t bad enough, our own journalists are joining them. This morning, WSMV’s Jonathon Martin signed off the air as he ended six years of being part of  Nashville’s weekends.   He has joined Al-Jazeera TV which will be debuting in our America on August 20.  Seems odd that a young man from Georgia, who excelled here in the Nashville area, could be part of an extremist organization.  The very core of what Martin appeared to embrace, good ole country values as he broadcast live from the Country Music Fest and more, must have been all for show. Al Jazeera has no country values, let alone American ones.  Even the Egyptian journalists quit in numbers as they realized they weren’t allowed to broadcast the truth about events unfolding there.

So what makes an all American man sell his soul to a de facto Muslim Brotherhood affiliate?  Money. Mr. green, Al Gore can tell you about that . He sold his soul to Al Jazeera for millions and millions.  So much for American values, and ideals.

“I love this community, and I wanted to stay in Nashville but do something else,” Martin said. “This will provide me the opportunity to travel and be a part of something new and building something from the ground up” Spoken like true Muslim Brotherhood, “from the ground up” This  excerpt from the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto, also known as the  “Explanatory Memorandum  on the Strategic Goal for North America” (see in documents) clearly shows what they consider must be in place to effectively perform the “dawa” or the proselyting of Islam.

(click to see full text)


Establishing a media outlet here in the United States is just another step towards the implementation of sharia law. Interesting how one of the first to congratulate Mr. Martin was Muslim Brotherhood hijabi herself Remziya Suleyman. Ms. Suleyman is greedy for the opportunity to become “famous” .  So much for muslim modesty.

I would like to wish you well, Mr. Martin, however, it is people like you that are allowing the door to open wider for the islamists to enter. For that, I cannot thank you or wish you well.


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3 Responses to Islamist TV Coming Soon

  1. Anonymous says:

    That blows me away that a seemingly nice reporter would embrace such a horrific tv station. Is this ignorance or selling ones sole for a few pieces of silver.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he knows exactly what he is getting into. Maybe he is part of the movement to destroy the America that we have known. Maybe…..

  3. usar4me says:

    It just goes to show you that MONEY SPEAKS LOUDER THAN LOYALTY AND PATIOTISM… we live in a time when even our brightest and best are being influenced by money to leave their moral judgment and loyalties to our flag behind.

    And, we ask what is wrong with Congress… and those in high places within our government. This should be a wake up call and a clear explanation of what is wrong with many of today’s leaders.

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