The Real Remziya Suleyman

“I must defend the rights of those who want to take away my rights,”   “That is an American value.” This from the Muslim Brotherhoods Remziya Suleyman  as she wrapped up her speech in front of a small gathering of her groupies at the Glendale Baptist Church.  Funny how the chameleon in her surfaces depending on the crowd. It’s really poetic, but whose rights are she defending?  Who is taking away her rights?

She isn’t defending my rights by  supporting US Attorney Bill Killian  and FBI Agent  Kenneth Moore  who came to a small town here in Middle Tennessee to tell the community ( and 1000 others) that speaking ill of muslims and their religion is a hate crime.

She isn’t defending my rights by aligning herself and sharing a stage with   known terrorists such as Sirhajj Wahajj, Yasir Qahdi, or Nihad Awad.

She isn’t defending our country and our citizens by attempting to defeat an anti terrorism support bill, instead falsely labeling it as an anti muslim bill, and calling in the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas organization CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations)

She isn’t defending our rights when she attends a Muslim Student Association conference. The MSA is the number 2 “friend” as listed on the Muslim brotherhoods strategic goal for North America.

She is not upholding my rights when we disagree with her, we are labeled “haters” or islamaphobes. No where in my Constitution does it say its against the law to disagree with someone.

She isn’t defending the constitution by using her religion as a guise  to push her muslim brotherhood agenda down the throats of Tennesseans.

What rights are being taken away from Ms Suleyman?

Yes exactly.  None.

This all from a young hijabi who can’t make up her mind if she is an immigration reform activist or a sharia law-abiding citizen.  Interestingly her true colors show as she texts throughout the entire presentation, even mocking the questions that were presented to her AMAC  friends from members of the audience. Her American values are so genuine.

IMAG0308 IMAG0311

remziya texting drost filming

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