Manchester News Belittles Their Readers

I like the cartoon. Its how I look when I flush the Manchester /Tullahoma News down the toilet. Thanks for that Josh. As for Josh’s editorial, it also belongs down the toilet.


There are many untruths in his article which he so blatantly paints with one brush. I for one, did not witness the hate and “bible clinging”  that he writes of,  and I was in the front row. Yes there were rude comments, but no more rude than some of the remarks made by the speakers.  I am not a hater, or islamaphobe or a bigot. I am an American.  I didn’t attend to hear  muslims proselytize  nor did 999 others. I did not go to  watch a propaganda film either.   I went to witness a U.S Attorney  and a law enforcement official tell me I cant speak freely. Its not up to a muslim to tell me that. There is no law against offending someone. Quite frankly I was offended by the hijabi women that sat next to me, giggling and texting the entire presentation. Gee, they seemed so genuine as they typed or tweeted about the meeting. Especially Remziya Suleyman who managed to insult a woman that had asked a question.

The entire audience didn’t applaud a mosque being burned down, and certainly didn’t boo about a  dead soldier. The entire audience was a collective group of first amendment loving people from all over the country there to tell this government we wont be suppressed.

As for the Manchester and Tullahoma News, its apparent the editors and their reporters have no respect for the very people that keep them in business. The very idea that you slam those that live in a small town, I believe your word is “teabillies” is disgusting. No Josh your “belittlement” is not pardoned.  How despicable  can one be to demean those that came out to a political rally, to speak their minds, to stand up for freedom.  Isn’t the job of a newspaper reporter to be fair and unbiased?  Isn’t it the job of an editor to be the same?  You owe the people of Coffee County an apology.  Obviously you weren’t taught not to bite the hand that feeds you.

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One Response to Manchester News Belittles Their Readers

  1. Maureen says:

    perfect response! I would say exactly the same thing. Thanks.

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