FBI Smoke and Mirrors In Manchester

In the Interest of “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society”, we have discovered what the FBI means by “public disclosure”.  It’s more like public Un- closure.

If the title above sounds familiar, it was used for the June 4th meeting held in Manchester TN, By AMAC (American muslim Advisory Council) featuring guest speakers U.S Attorney Bill Killian and FBI agent Kenneth Moore.

During Mr. Moore’s  presentation he stated that the role of the FBI is to adhere to the core values   and “rigorous obedience to the US constitution.”  Watch his presentation here:


Mr. Moore begins his speech with the protection of our country and civil rights    6:45

He says that he has: “pledged an oath to protect the constitution” 7:12

He says combating terrorism is the number one priority of the FBI    8:10

He talks about community involvement of all faiths        9:45

He says the number of Arabic interpreters has doubled in efforts to combat terrorism

He says that it’s not religion, race or gender but that all Americans are protected   12:20

Sounds great. Now understand the very FBI agent that delivered this speech is the same agent that sent the following email


Yes the same agent who called upon all the FBI training divisions to send all training material to their headquarters to be reviewed By “SME” – subject matter experts, most of whom were muslims. This included an “expert” from MPAC ( muslim Public Affairs Council) a Muslim brother hood organization.

The same agent that called for the purging of any training deemed offensive to anyone, particularly of the Islamic faith.

Of course AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) and the ACO ( American Center for Outreach) are involved. In Feb 2012 they vigorously attacked a group that delivered a presentation to law enforcement in Rutherford County. Remziya Suleyman of the ACO called for a halt to muslim sensitivity training until material could be reviewed. Daoud Abudiab, of the Columbia mosque stated in order to foster relationships between muslims , Law enforcement and the community, the training should be presented by a reliable organization. So AMAC and the ACO , both muslim brotherhood affiliated organizations are considered reliable!

AMAC has cultivated a relationship with the FBI, specially Agent Ken Moore which has resulted in the purging of accurate material, only to be replaced by their version of training…indoctrination.

There again  is the trend, if it offends a muslim, it can’t be true.

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