U.S Attorney Rattled by Crowd

The voice of Americans ( between 800-1000) from all over the country were heard last night at a meeting called by the Muslim Brotherhoods AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) in Manchester Tennessee.  Truly it was a victory for 1st amendment lovers as the government officials present were rattled and un nerved by the turnout.

Unfortunately, there were a handful that made distasteful remarks, but that’s what brought this event to Coffee County TN to begin  with.  True to form was the media only releasing the side which the Islamists approve off.  As always the Tennessean news rag has the most misleading coverage.  The very video that is shown on The Tennesseans website is edited so badly, it’s a sham.

What footage ended up on the floor was one of the most important , disgraceful, things that spewed out of the U.s Attorneys mouth ….the muslim greeting, As-salam alaykum. Lets not show the truth about how the meeting started off on the wrong foot by Killian. Prior to him, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhoods AMAC Zak Moyhuddin, who felt the need to say ” change is here”  He also went on to say how he attended a catholic school for his first 10 years in Pakistan. (Doesnt that make him an apostate?)

As each AMAC member addressed the crowd, yes it did bring boos  and remarks, with the minority  being what the Tennessean called “hecklers”.  They werent hecklers, they were citizens frustrated by the propaganda and the lack of information that was relevant to the issues.  No one came to listen to members of  Muslim Brotherhood organizations bask in their egotistical  and deceptive selves.

Once Killian bowed to the Islamists present, he went right into his Dept of Justice approved Powerpoint. No wonder the crowd was loud and bordering angry. The talking points were just made to instigate people who were about to be told they had no rights, but muslims did.

Being told arabs and muslims were being victimized everyday, their children were being taunted at school, and we must respect their religion, Mr Killian was lucky he had a side door to sneak out.  How dare this coward, that represents one of the most crooked, islamic  governments come to tell the citizens of this country how to behave.

Another speaker, Sabrina Moyhuddin was the most entertaining. Upon her stating she was born and raised in the United States, which elicited strong responses, she completely lost it. Her professionalism and demeanor went out the window with her brain.. She actually had the gall to yell at the attendees, which further caused remarks and boos.  Obviously their remarks were staged as to  agitate so that the response by trashy, low-level reporters would be to only release those clips.

sabrina moyhuddin

Sabrina Moyhuddin

Finally, the best for last. Remziya Suleyman ( American Center for Outreach) and her sidekick Drost Koyoke were front and center, but instead of being professional and truly understanding of how people felt,they giggled and texted throughout the entire presentation. Remziya even tweeted: Question, why don’t muslim women wear jeans… Answer: idiot, I’m wearing jeans. Now she shows her true colors  Koyoke even attempted to start an incident by taking a picture of the woman behind her, who asked several times “please don’t take my picture”  Hey Tennesean…the hecklers you refered to were your friends, the islamists.

drost filming

Drost Kokoye agitating woman

remziya texting drost filming

Remziya Suleyman

These are the very groups the Haslam administration has legitimized. Remziya Suleyman, the “director” of the American Center for Outreach) and a handpick muslim brotherhood paramour.

For those in the Capital that only see one side of their kurdish friend Remziya, perhaps you should see her other half. A tweet is worth a thousand words.

In closing, for all those misinformed reporters, and the disingenuous muslims , to call us haters and islamaphobes is pitiful. If we don’t agree with you, we are haters, if we don’t like you we  are islamaphobes.  I can assure you  I have no fear of you.

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2 Responses to U.S Attorney Rattled by Crowd

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found it interesting also seeing the muslim panel members clapping & laughing when one of their speakers got a “gig” in on one of the non muslims, but when it happened to them from one of the “hecklers” they were not very happy. It doesn’t make it right, I’m just stating what I saw. I get offended too. I felt the organized “all about them, & how great they are meeting” was pushing propaganda. I know it was their meeting & I expected some of that. What I was expecting & didn’t hear was what I had thought according to the message DOJ Killian had sent out about repercussion from posting on FB & so forth about my 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech was never addressed. When he started talking about the school bullying & sexual misconduct I believe, I was thinking, “what does this have to do with free speech?” Glad I went, but was VERY BORED!

  2. James Laubler says:

    Good information. Thanks

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