FBI to Consider More Hate Crimes

The FBI is once again stumbling into an area they have no business doing so. Its time the protection of “special” groups stops.  Why do we need laws to protect Sikhs,Hindus and Arabs?  What about Christians, Jews and Mormons? Notice the duplicitous way this is worded. Sikhs, Hindus and Arabs. The first two are religions. Arab  is an ethnicity. So now we are going to break down who is protect by ethnicity? This is all going down a path of destruction. The most abhorring thing is the FBI is close to a decision. The FBI and the U.S Dept of Justice are destroying the very foundation of our country. CAIR ( Council on American islamic Relations) is most likely   behind this, since this article was posted on their Facebook page. You see, instead of saying muslims or Islam, they have used arabs.

This needs to stop. If you havent taken your head out of the sand by now, I suggest you have a burqa and koran close by when you do. They have infiltrated and are destroying us from within…just like they said they would

Excerpt from the “Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Goal for North America ( full manifest is under document tab)








Read brief article and see video here


FBI considers hate crime

Also, Look at CAIR’s facebook page. This is a organizaton that supports Hamas.
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2 Responses to FBI to Consider More Hate Crimes

  1. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    FBI to Consider More Hate Crimes #Muslims #jihad

  2. LISA says:

    I sure hope I can learn to write letters from jail as well as Paul did!

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