FBI Says Will Protect Muslims? Really?

Now that the news is out about  U.S Attorney  Bill Killian and The FBI having a lovefest for islamists, its interesting to note the organization sponsoring the event, AMAC ( American muslim advisory council) has  not one single word announcing the event on their website. They arent answering their phone either. ( their contact info is  615-200-6052 E-mail:  info@amactn.com) A big thank you to the Tullahoma News for letting us know about this.  So whats the big secret?  Did they think they could intimidate the handful of folks from Coffee County that would attend out of curiousity? Or solicit sympathy?

Why is the FBI   protecting  and sensitizing their training to the muslim community?

Bill Killian also was present and gave a speech for the opening of the Islamic Center of Chatanooga. Remarks later were made by Special Agent in charge Ken Moore ( FBI) (read entire speech here  http://www.justice.gov/usao/tne/news/2012/August/082712%20Islamic%20Center%20Grand%20Opening.html)

SAC Moore noted that the FBI has exclusive jurisdiction to investigate and enforce federal civil rights violations in the district.  He assured the Islamic officials present, as well as all community members, that the FBI stands ready to assist them should an incident occur. 

Really? A federal law enforcement agency is telling the muslim community they will protect them? FROM WHAT Mr. Moore?  As I recall law enforcement  takes an oath to uphold the constitution, and protect the citizens of this country..not just Muslims.

The training being conducted to law enforcement by agencies and agents like Mr Moore, has been whitewashed and filled with pro islamist propaganda. Here is   what the U.S Dept of Homeland Security says about training:   141998997-DHS-CRCL-CVE-Training-Dos-and-Donts

This is egregious and outrageous.

Americans wont let this fly, and hopefully neither will law enforcement.

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3 Responses to FBI Says Will Protect Muslims? Really?

  1. bavilla1 says:

    Good stuff!!

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  2. arnoldsmama says:

    When Mr. Perez was here for the “grand opening” of the ICM, he also told them “that they will have their backs” just as Mr. Killian told those in Chattanooga.


  3. Veronica says:

    Lets see now….. who was it that blew up the Boston Marathon…. and who was it that used our own aircraft to ram into our Twin Towers, our Pentagon and was headed for our White House…. killing thousands of innocent Americans….. and who was it that just chopped the head off a British soldier in the middle of the street in broad daylight……. Oh yes…. Muslims. Yet the FBI think they need to protect the Muslims?????? ….. against who and what?????? Has America gone totally insane?

    So let me get this straight…… Our own FBI is protecting the Muslims so they can kill us whenever they so desire with their acts of terrorism. Oh that makes a whole heck of a lot of sense, now doesn’t…… Oy Vey is Mir!

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