Exposing the Cancer

With the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood  on the rise in the U.S, and specifically here in middle Tennessee its time to expose the mosques that are the breeding ground for radical islam.

“The mosques are our barracks. The domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers”

This out of the mouth of Turkeys Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in 2010. The same Prime Minister that stood in the rose garden with Barak Obama on May 16 2013.

This also played as part of an argument in the building of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  Clearly, the mosque or masjid is viewed by Islamists as an operations center, not quite the religious institution they claim to be.

Sam Solomon, a former muslim and sharia jusrist has co-authored a book,“Mosque Exposed” which details the functions and beliefs which are the basis of how a mosque is run. Here is an excerpt from his book:

A Mosque, totally unlike a Church or a Synagogue, serves the function of orchestrating and mandating every aspect of “life” in a Muslim community from the religious, to the political, to the economic, to the social, to the military.   In Islam, religion and life are not separate. They are indivisible. In Islam religion is not just a part of life, but “life” is absorbed and regulated to the tiniest detail by religion. In other words every aspect of a man or woman’s life must be defined and governed by religion. So there is no concept of personal choice whatsoever, or in theological terms, there is no “free will”, but only limited preferences between prescribed courses of action. In addition, there is no concept of a personal relationship between the person and the entity being worshiped, so “worship” itself, is of a different nature than that performed in a Church or Synagogue.

The Islamic center of Murfreesboro is a perfect example of a radical operation center.  Let’s start with the Imam, Sheikh Osama Bahloul.

Left to right: Essam Fathy, Abdou Kattih and Osama Bahloul


Graduate of Al Azhar University, considered a master in Dawa ( the proselytizing  of Islam) ranked 4th out of a class of 200.  Al Azhar University is considered to be the center for Islamic learning, but more specifically its mission is to propagate the religion and culture. It is also considered a Muslim Brotherhood approved institution as it strictly teaches dawa and sharia law.

As a side note, I heard an interesting tidbit about the imam. Being that he ranked so high in his class, he had the world as a cookie jar. He could have picked any city in the world to begin his career in dawa. Interestingly the Muslim Brotherhood had plans for him, which included Murfreesboro TN.

Imam Bahloul has also stated, the Islamic center  should serve in a prominent role in the progression and development of Rutherford county  by establishing a program that offers Arabic as a second language even going so far to state it would be “ a great achievement in the name of Allah”

The Islamic centers library also gives a glimpse into the ideology of the iman and his congregation.

Books written by such Muslim Brotherhood members as Yousef al Qaradawi. He is known for radical religious rulings and the repression of women. He has declared at conferences throughout the U.S his support for Hamas and this statement “Conquest through Da’wa [proselytizing] that is what we hope for. We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through sword but through Da’wa.’

Bahloul has never condemned Hamas or Hezbollah.

Another fine member of the board of the Islamic center was Camie Ayash a convicted felon who did time in Florida for grand theft and forgery Ayash was in jail  from May 2006 to March 2007 for stealing more than $300,000 from her former employer.

Then there’s Mosaad Rawash. He actively supports Hamas and Hezbollah. He   called for Muslims to wage violent jihad against Israel and support ‘resistance fighters’ in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. His page also featured a ‘shrine’ to Hamas founders Ahmed Yassin and Abdul Aziz al-Rantissi.

This quote was also found  on his My space page:

“I swear by God Exalted, that I shall remain faithful to the blood of the Martyrs devoted completely to the historical right, rejecting all types of concessions no matter how strong the pressures or great the sacrifices, pledging to God Almighty to help the Palestinian people in their steadfastness and Jihad until they realize the promise of God.”

He was suspended by the board, and his current status is unknown

see article.96959492-Islamic-Center-of-Murfreesboro-TN-TTC

Yet another interesting character is Abdou Kattih.  Mr Kattih became known for sending the Teachers guide to Muslim Students to the Murfreesboro School District. Remember the document that called for the observation of prayer several times a day while at work and school, the permittance of halal foods ( legal foods) in the cafeterias,  and in general, ways to accommodate Muslim students, but disregarding other students faiths.


Below: Letter sent to Rutherford County School District

Kattih Email








Why such a large mosque?

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is a monstrosity that has anyone who sees it questioning the size of its congregation. As of today, the complex  will be completed at 52,000 square feet. The center will tout it has 1,000 worshippers, but the 2009 annual report states approximately 45 active members.  Perhaps now they are up to 60 members.

Where did the money come from?

Ahhh…yes the money question. Lets say the membership is up to 100. Is it feasible for them to raise the millions required to have built this center? Seeing that this question is avoided by Imam Bahloul and Abdou Kattih, the former treasurer, it raise serious doubts.  From what has been learned through investigations by several organizations, funding has travelled from Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood organization ISNA. ( Islamic Society of North America). ISNA controls an estimated 80% of American mosques.

New Expansion already? Yes, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is currently attempting to get approval of a cemetery to be put on the grounds of the center. Similar to other places of worship it seems appropriate. The only difference is they do not follow our laws when it comes to the disposal of a body. Most counties in this country call for a body to be placed in a casket of some sort as to not contaminate the ground or water around it. Muslims do not bury their deceased in this manner. Here is the law on burying the dead. Here in Tennessee burial laws do allow for bodies to be buried in the ground, however one of their deceased was buried before the project was approved.  Laws? What laws.


With a handpicked, Muslim brotherhood vetted Imam running the show, we must recognize this Islamic center for what it is. Muslim Brotherhood. The cream of the crop from Al Azhar University has been sent to Murfreesboro TN . Not Paris, Belgium, Qatar, or the UK…Murfreesboro TN. Wouldn’t you send your best to the frontlines?

Next : More on the Muslim Brotherhood in the ICM, The Sbenaty Family and Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez at the ICM.

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