Al Qaida in America..

In light of the horrific incidents taking place this week in Boston, I feel the need to allow you to see for yourselves  images  from the magazine that motivates islamic radicals even here in the US.  When will we listen to what they are telling us?  From the Muslim Brotherhoods “Strategic Goal for North America” to Al-Qaidas “Inspire” magazine, they are giving us their playbook. They are screaming at us they are here, and they want to kill us.

We need to learn from this incident that there are in fact “cells” lying in wait for the word to attack.   For those  truly religious muslims here, I wish you well. For those radical islamists that want to change society by undermining our beliefs and constitution, we will continue to expose you.

We know the radical islamists here will begin a campaign of soliciting sympathy, as they will state they are victims. They will try to separate themselves from Chechen muslims, claiming they are different. They will call for interfaith services to give the appearnace being a peaceful religion.  CAIR (Council on American Islamic  Relations) is currently spewing lies that muslim hate crimes have risen enormously this week, again trying to gain sympathy.

Its time to recognize radical Islamists for what they are.


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