Show Support to End Common Core

Once again, local school boards are dismissing the concerns and requests of parents in Rutherford and Williamson County. The very idea that school officials continue to forge ahead with Common Core Curriculum in the midst of controversy and uncertainty is appalling and dangerous. Perhaps the  citizens in both communities should rethink who has been placed in the superintendent positions, since they are failing to listen  and do their job.

Don Odom, and his board members have not only failed to recognize the islamic infiltration within their district, but has nurtured it instead. He also has been weak in his stand on Common Core.

Mike Looney, superintendent of Williamson County Schools, has the same problem.  Lack of backbone to listen to parents and their concern for anti-semitic textbooks, instead taking issue with the parents themselves.

Common Core Curriculum is the dumbing down of todays children. It is a socialist agenda that takes away the individuality of each student and makes it instead a collective effort to learn.   The ability for students to think for themselves, to learn from experience and grow to their fullest is in danger. Reading the great books we all grew up on, will be replaced by books authored by   Chavez, and  Frida Kahlo, a self-described communist.

Common Core Curriculum needs to be stopped.

I urge all parents, and community members to attend the Williamson County School Board Meeting

The Williamson County School Board meeting convenes at 6pm tomorrow,
Monday, April 15th at 1320 Main Street, Suite 202, Franklin, TN.—Williamson-County-Schools-endorses-genocidal-anti-Semitic-curriculum-.html?soid=1101677563942&aid=ZKWt58NDX7o

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One Response to Show Support to End Common Core

  1. Lisa M says:

    I work tomorrow evening or I would sure be there to help support our Williamson County friends, I believe we’ve got quite a few folks from Rutherford County going, hope all will reciprocate at our next Board Meeting here in Murfreesboro on April 25th!

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