Things To Know About Common Core

As I spoke to yet again another group, it made me realize they get it! That’s the problem, the ones that don’t have a clue, aren’t filling those chairs. The parents that have children in school being indoctrinated every day aren’t in those chairs. The educators and administrators  that have the power to effect change arent there either. I blame them all. Put the soccer balls away,  cancel  the trips to the mall and ballet class, because if you keep ignoring the problem none of those will ever take place again.
I’m talking about Common Core. Its dangerous enough in its own right, then add the islamic influence and our children’s future is like nothing we have seen before. The idea of a sustainable global education to prepare children from Kindergarten to grade 12 for career readiness is nothing more than someone other than you and your child choosing what they shall be as adults.

To truly understand the concept of Common Core, click on the following links.  Over the next few weeks, we will breakdown the islamic influence on common core, and their role     (Middle TN website)


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