The Hijab..religious or convenience?

Sitting in one of the countries largest airports I had the occasion to observe several, several women wearing a Hijab. What struck me most was the attitudes were as varying and colorful as the Hijab itself. There were older women, quietly displaying years of modesty and religious authenticity. There were women from other countries keeping to themselves with airs of confidence yet respect. And then there were the Americans known as reverts.  Loud, bold  and in your face with I’m a Muslim. Generally they were younger, and certainly they were more interested in drawing attention to themselves. They don’t wear a Hijab with grace and love of a religion. They wear a Hijab to make you feel uncomfortable.  They wear a Hijab to welcome a comment  or stare so they can be offended. They wear a Hijab for convenience. They wear a hijab to prove a point.

Nashville’s  local ” hijabis” roam the capital, attend interfaith panels, and flit about town in theirs. Yes Islam calls for modesty. So the next time you see a hijabi, take note of their dress. Are they wearing a hijab with tight clothes? Are they wearing it because they are religious, or because it makes them appear that way.

Remziya Suleyman with not so modest clothes

Remziya Suleyman with not so modest clothes

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