Time For A Change

With the Spring season  is going to come some change.  CAIR is now going to stand for Christian Americans on Islamic Relations.  No longer will other faiths idly stand by and watch their doctrines become extinct.

The Muslim Brotherhood has done a stellar job at infiltrating our society as a whole, even going so far as actually outlining a new one as stated in their Strategic Goal for North America.

Lets start with the public schools.  Be prepared for your muslim child to come home with a bible, have to memorize the Ten Commandments,  perhaps even go to a Catholic church and receive Holy Communion.  ( thanks to your giving my child a free koran, memorizing the 5 pillars and having children in Boston prostrate for prayers during a field trip)

We also will be re- writing textbooks to illustrate the factual parts of history you so want to be changed as to erase what offends you. Columbus discovered America sorry.

Everytime you have the need to perform Dawa, we will be there to do the same.

Your “my  jihad” campaign will become our  “jihad ” as well.

Everytime  you report a “hate crime”, we will be there to confirm whether it its legitimate or was committed by one of your own, which has happened several times.

The Atheist Civil Liberty’s Union (ACLU) And HAMAS ( CAIR) may have joined forces, but the forces of so many other religious organizations are also gaining strength.

We too have a plan for America.


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One Response to Time For A Change

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen, yes it is time for a change. We must be diligent in educating & be at their heels fighting against their “plan to destroy America” through their lies & deception of religious intoleration. Thank you for posting this story. It is time to get into spring with changes used against them isn’t it?

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