Defamation of Religion Law?

If your head is still in the sand, you better come to the surface soon. More and more talk of UN Resolution 16/18 or The Defamation of Religion law could soon be a reality. How is this possible?  We have freedom of speech. Here are some things to ponder as you think we’ve lost our minds.

A newspaper in the UK just released a report that highlighted  the following regarding the USA granting approval of the arrival of hundreds if not thousands of Muslim students and  muslim scholars  into the United States : Meghann Curtis, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs at the US  Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, said that the  bureau had always been driven by the notion that “we’d be a more stable,  peaceful and prosperous world if we could all get to know one another” “I was having a conversation with folks at the White House, in the policy  shop over there, and this idea of education diplomacy has really arrived,” she  said. She also said” programmes to bring students and scholars from  Muslim-majority countries into the US had been “ramped up”.


So with the arrival of hundreds of muslim students from muslim dominated countries where sharia law is prevalent, we can expect the creation and enforcement of laws that protect them, as they become a larger population in our country.

Now take into account the United Nations Resolution that was voted for by the OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) with the middle eastern countries holding the majority of votes. This resolution will eventually be drafted into a law that will undoubtedly sneak its way in to our federal laws to protect all religions, with Islam being the frontrunner. More Muslims living in the USA= more muslims to be offended by our way of life= more laws to protect them = less freedoms for Americans. Read the UN Resolution here  Un resolution

Calling for additional protection of a religion such as islam, is dangerous. We have the First Amendment already in place which gives ample protection to this religion, if not more so. What purpose would a blasphemy law serve? Well if no one could speak out against islam, no one could report the indoctrination of our children in schools, no one could report on the prosecution of Christians, ( as if that happens now) no one could question the legality of international religious law being enforced in our courts, no one could report the eventual harassment by muslims when you choose not to become a muslim, no one could report anything that a muslim did, said or threatened to do,because that would be speaking ill of islam.

An interesting trend is occurring across the country that merits a watchful eye. According to CAIR ( Council on American islamic Relations) everyday a mosque, or community center is being vandalized. Everyday, a muslim woman is being threatened with bodily harm or worse because she wears a hijab, or the worst offense someone is speaking the truth about islam, which they are offended by. Now the thing to watch for, is there an arrest? Is there surveillance footage of a suspect? Are there witnesses? Chances are the answer is no. Why is this relevant? Muslims need to be victims to win the hearts and minds of Americans. The more they state they are criminalized, the more victimized they appear. With all the mosques that have purportedly been burned down or vandalized how many cases have gone unsolved due to lack of evidence?  So whats being implied? Yes they are committing the crimes amongst themselves. Classic example. CA Iraqi woman beaten to death, a note found next to her body..crime was deemed a “hate crime”

WHat ABC forgot to report later, was her own husband killed her and made it appear to be a hate crime.

How about this one that happened abroad ..a young christian girl with Downes syndrome is arrested for burning a koran,  problem is she was set up by a muslim cleric

There are countless more stories from here and other countries involving muslims committing crimes. The next time you hear or read a story like this..make sure you follow-up, the conclusion may be interesting.

So in closing, if you think the Constitution isn’t in danger, think again. There is a religion  that is a political system that is determined to change YOUR way of life. There is no stopping them, they are “victims” that liberals have placed on pedestals and  are aiding in the removal of OUR rights.  Our very own freedoms are being used against us.

Watch this video from June 2012 with Congressman Trent Franks questioning Assisantant Attorney General Tom Perez ( soon to be Labor Sec) on a Blasphemy Law.

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