Spectators Guide to Muslim Day on the Hill

For anyone attending “Muslim” Day at the Capital next week, be sure to hold on..it could be a wild day. What will the message be here in Tennessee. The message at Muslim day in Austin TX last week was “if we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”  Really. It is good to see the muslims that claim to be so cohesive   can’t seem to get it straight. The muslims here in TN, like Remziya Suleyman can’t quite articulate what law of the land even is. She doesn’t   know what Sharia is, so it will be interesting to see what she’ll say.

Which face will the muslims show? Well, it will depend on the guests. If Nihad Awad, (CAIR-Hamas) the muslim brotherhood thug is present the face may be stern and defiant. He will be evaluating every single word that is uttered by non muslims to see if there is a law suit to be had.

If it is the Imams from the   mosques across the state, it will be a love fest. They will read   passages from the koran insisting its all about peace and love..and tolerance. That will drive the local apologists and religious leaders to invite the muslims to their church and have interfaith forums.

If the day is left to the local muslimah to run the show, it will be  the Tennesseans   dream come true. Remziya will undoubtedly attempt to show the local journalists how she flits about the Capital,hijab in place,  and rant about how the immigrants are being treated so unfairly. Will she take the political or religious stand? stay tuned.

Here are some of the faces and organizations to watch for:


Remziya Suleyman     American Center for Outreach  (ACO)








    Kasar Abdullah     American Center for Outreach   (ACO)







 Dannish Siddiqui   American Muslim Advisory Council  ( AMAC)




Nihad Awad       Council on American Islamic Relations  (CAIR)



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One Response to Spectators Guide to Muslim Day on the Hill

  1. Brenda Baggett says:

    Regardles of what face these evil, lying, deceiving, terribly disturbed in rational thinking of liberty & our American ways will have on that day, they need “pushback” from God-fearing, Israel loving, America loving, Constitution loving (get the picture??). I plan on being their with an Israeli flag. If we don’t stand up for America & our ally, Gods’ beloved Israel, then maybe you need to turn in your American citizenship card & go live in a muslim controlled or a communist controlled country & then maybe you would see what those of us who Get It are seeing & speaking out about. Islam is evil & Sharia law teaches if the unbeliever (infidel) does not submit to their way of belief they have the right to kill you by beheading you. They also behead if you try & leave this political ideaology called a religion as was done to a person in Pennsyvania I believe last month. They also cut off his fingers.

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