Who’s To Blame?

Not me.  “I don’t have time” “Someone is already doing that”  “It doesn’t matter”  “I am only one person, I can’t make a difference”

They all sound familiar, and can be answers to just about any question.

The question is “what are you going to do”? As individuals, we have the responsibility to create safe, healthy and happy environments for our future. As a community, we have the responsibility to assure our leaders assist in that process.

None of this is happening. Our schools are being invaded by organizations that have an agenda that will forever change our children’s minds and  Our religious leaders have abandoned the true meaning of our beliefs by allowing another faith to force itself upon us.

In Fridays Tennessean newspaper  an article describes how wonderful it was that known activist and Islamist  Daniel Tutt was here to preach tolerance and  understanding of all faiths but muslims in particular. Imam Yusuf Abdullah of Masjid Al-Islam in Nashville remarked  “Muslims have to be more proactive in talking about their faith. “We, as Muslims, have to tell our story,” Talking about their faith is called DAWA, (prostelzing of Islam is their religious duty) What “story” do they need to tell? They are the only community forcing themselves on others. So who needs to be tolerant. They have no tolerance for our beliefs

Then there is the Freedom Forums First Amendment Center weaseling their way into schools proclaiming the religious rights and liberties of our Constitution. Only problem is they are protecting muslims rights not yours.  Other organizations blessed by the Muslim Brotherhood have also invaded our schools using such coy names as “connecting cultures” (Daniel Tutt was part of that training) and Diversity in Dialogue. All code names for muslims preaching about Islam.

Finally, and most disturbing is an article from Bare Naked Islam  http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/02/25/texas-yes-texas-students-forced-to-dress-in-burqas-then-taught-to-call-muslim-terrorists-freedom-fighters/    in which young students are being brainwashed about Islam.

CSCOPE is another version of the Common Core Curriculum, which seems to be taking over our schools.

When is enough is enough? What will it take to make our neighbors, friends and families stand up and say no more?

I Dont know who’s to blame, it’s not me

Pictures from Barenakedislam.


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2 Responses to Who’s To Blame?

  1. Cathy says:

    Rachael,First thank you for responding with an idea. I think you are absolutely correct. If our beliefs are going to survive, we need to be just as forceful. Perhaps lawsuits are the best way to go..the muslims threaten it all the time.

  2. Maureen Burke says:

    Thank you for your coverage of this issue Cathy! I was getting ready to send you a question regarding the First Amendment agenda, then went to your website and found a clear concise answer, one that is what I suspected. (Our local Tullahoma newspaper features one of the members of this center very frequently – usually it’s Haynes, but last week it was Policinski.) The discussions on the first amendment are so disguised that the discernment/critical thinking is difficult. But I know that confusion is one of the tactics. A co-worker of mine is a law student – he is being taught by a member of this First Amendment Center, and implied this was an honor.) Amazing what they are teaching/brainwashing these bright young students! I will pass on this information to him tomorrow. Again thank you so much! Maureen

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