1st Amendment Center Pushing Islamic Agenda

The Freedom Forums First Amendment Center undoubtedly has been smitten by the Islamists and their apologists in Middle Tennessee.  The main character in this chapter would be Charles Haynes,  of the First Amendment Center. Haynes is the director  the Religious Freedom Education Project and author of “What is the Truth about American Muslims

The First Amendment Center has already been in local school districts, and will be once again pushing their hidden agenda under the guise of the First Amendment.

The Religious Freedom Education Project is expanding as it collaborates with other Islamist organizations such as the Islamic Network Group and the CIE (Council on Islamic Education) Both of these organizations have the blessings of the Muslim Brotherhood. Below is a reference to Charles Haynes and his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood


Charles Haynes:  Expert for the Communitarian Network.

Expert for the First Amendment Center

Director of the Religious Freedom Education Project  (recently added to the Newseum Washington DC, which represents no other religion, only Islam)

Worked with CIE ( Council on Islamic Education, aka Institute on Religion and Civic Values) to publish “Teaching about Religion in National and State Social Study Standards.

Author of “What is the Truth About American Muslims    “FAC_American_Muslims_Q_A

Author : “Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum”

Author :  From Battleground to Common Ground:The New Consensus on Religious Liberty in Public Education

More can be found here  http://www.freedomforum.org/templates/document.asp?documentID=13092

Board member for ING (Islamic Network Group)

Collaborator with UPF (Unity Production Foundation) whose affiliates are Connecting Cultures’ founder Lobna “Luby” Ismail and Daniel Tutt. ( both presented training “arab culture training”  for Murfreesboro City Schools)


CIE ( Council on Islamic Education)  recently exposed in an ACT for America extensive report deeming CIE to be a Muslim Brotherhood organization.

CIE: One of the most powerful Islamic influences providing islamic content for textbooks

CIE:  Developer of training material for teachers to instruct on religion in public schools


ING (Islamic Network Group)  founder Maha El Genadi,  recently recruited Middle TN’s own Islamic group, AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) to be trained in DAWA (proselytizing Islam) and to promote DAWA throughout Middle TN

ING: Responsible for forming Islamic Speakers groups throughout the country and Middle TN.

ING:   provides material such as  “Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment” to teachers and school administrators.

The above is just a short list of organizations and resources used interchangeably by each organization.  As you can see, the connections and affiliations of Charles Haynes, all follow the path to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Are the first amendment rights  accurately being portrayed or are they being railroaded under the guise of the first amendment?  The proselytizing of Islam by the Freedom Forums First Amendment center is not only offensive, it is detrimental to our children. Is someone who believes in  the Communitarian  ideology someone we want speaking to our children?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communitarianism

What are you going to do?

Read more on the   Freedom Forums First Amendment Center on our friends site   www.tn4politicaljustice.wordpress.com

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