Coming Soon To Tennessee Schools

Prayer in public schools.  Seems this issue, like everything else involving Islamists  has gone awry.  A public school in Prince George County, MD has made the decision that muslim students will be allowed to pray during school instructional time  (

According to the Tennessee ACLU, aka AMCLU ( American Muslim Civil Liberties Union) head pleader Hedy Weinberg, “Public schools cannot prevent students from expressing religious faith while on school property” But there’s more to the story.   The Dept of Education states:

It has long been established that schools have the discretion to dismiss students to off-premises religious instruction, provided that schools do not encourage or discourage participation in such instruction or penalize students for attending or not attending. Similarly, schools may excuse students from class to remove a significant burden on their religious exercise, where doing so would not impose material burdens on other students.

Consistent with federal guidelines, The Tennessee Student Religious Liberty Act of 1997 allows a student to pray at school, etc as long as the student does not infringe on the rights of the school to:

  • Maintain      order and discipline
  • Prevent      disruption of the educational process
  • Determine      curriculum and assignments
  • Harass or      coerce others to participate in the [religious] activity
  • Otherwise      infringe on the rights of others

WHERE DOING SO WOULD NOT IMPOSE MATERIAL BURDENS ON OTHER STUDENTS or Disrupt the educational process.  So whether its one muslim student or 5, it wont disrupt other students? Really?

Seeing that muslims must perform Wudu, or ablution before praying, the time which students would be absent from the classroom would more likely be 10-15 minutes. So, what do the remainder of students do? Does the teacher continue with the lesson? Does the entire class come to a halt while other students express their religious “duties” . What happens on Fridays, when a muslim student declares they need to go to a mosque for Jummah, or Friday congregational prayer?

The most interesting thing is, muslims don’t have to pray during the course of the day, if they are unable to. Its called Qadaa’.  Below is an exerp from   In their own words

Islam the Glorious religion
Volume – V / CHAPTER – 2 / LESSON NO: 8ABOUT MISSED, OMITTED PRAYERSQ 1: What is “Adaa” and “Qadaa”?   A. To carry out the Divine command on time is called “Adaa” and to carry out it after the prescribed time is called “Qadaa” (Urdu: Qazaa). And to carry out the command again in order to make good any defect or error if committed in its performance is called “E’aadah” (repetition).

Q 2: How is that for missing,omitting prayer?   A. It is greatly sinful to miss,omit prayer without any Shar’i reason i.e. valid excuse. The one who misses,omits prayer ought to offer it as early as possible and also repent. Repentance without offering Qadaa prayer is no Repentance as he still owes to offer it. Non-abstinence from sin renders one’s Repentance infructuous.

More deception by Islamists and more appeasement  by their dhimmis.

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