Muslim Brotherhood “Friend” Weblinks.

Since we having been discussing the Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Goal for North America, This list will help you to understand the extent of the infiltration. Coming next we will break down the affiliations of the groups as they apply here in Tennessee. As important it is to understand each and every line of this manifesto, knowing the names and relations of the groups or “friends” are just as important.  Below we have linked each organization in the numerical order listed in the document, to their websites.

” A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends. (Imagine if they all march according to one plan!!!)  (Taken from the Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Goal for North America)

1 Islamic Society North American  (ISNA)

2 Muslim Student Association (MSA)

3 Muslim Communities Assoc

4 Association of Muslim Social Scientists

5 Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers

6 Islamic Medical Assoc

7 Islamic Teaching Center

9 Foundation for International Development

8 North American Islamic Trust  (NAIT)

10 Islamic Housing Cooperative

11 Islamic Centers Division

12 American Trust Publications

13 Audio Visual Center

14 Islamic Book Service

15 Muslim Businessmen Assoc

16 Muslim Youth of North America

17  ISNA Fiqh Committee

18 ISNA Political Awareness Committee

19 Islamic Education Department

20 Muslim Arab Youth Association

21  Malasian Islamic Study Group

22 Islamic Association of Palestine

23 United Assoc fro Studies and Research

24 Occupied Land Fund   aka The Holy Land Foundation  (defunct read about it here )

26 Islamic Circle of North America

27 Baitul Mal Inc

28 International Institute for Islamic Thought

29 Islamic Information Center

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