CAIR Rally: “Muslims are Just Like Everyone Else”

I never said CAIR didn’t have a sense of humor. This is almost as funny as Muslims founded America..not Columbus.  So, they have a rally with supposedly 300-400 muslims marching around the state capital trying to convince those that bothered to listen they are just like us.

But..did they let the marchers know what they were supposed to say when interviewed?  Apparently not since a muslim all the way from Olympia WA states  “We want to show that we’re organized, and that we’re growing,”  Ahh..the real reason behind the rally.  CAIR doesn’t care what Americans think of muslims,  they want to do just what the marcher says, show they are here, organized and taking over.

As an aside, the marcher then continues Besides wanting to take a “proactive” approach to ensuring that Washington residents’ religious freedom is protected, Junejo said part of the coalition’s goal is to show legislators and other Washington citizens that Muslims are ordinary people.

First of all, muslims, more than any other religious group have benefited tremendously from our Constitution, even though they don’t believe in it. So the “religious freedom” theme is taqiyya for sure ( Deception)
“People are paranoid when they see a women who is covered,” said Sameira Muhammed. NO people are annoyed when they see a woman who is covered. Perhaps some may be alarmed, but certainly not paranoid.  Muslim women will tell you its their choice to cover , when it’s really Sharia law dictating they do. Yes, its in the Koran to dress modestly, but does being wrapped head to toe constitute modesty?   Not when the new generation of muslim women choose to wear a hijab, but put on a pair of tight jeans and shirt.  Contradiction for sure.

So once again CAIR and its muslim community shows its chameleon nature.
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