The Islamist Lobby in Tennessee – Information for your State Legislator

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 The Islamist Lobby in Tennessee – information for your state legislator

The American Center for Outreach (ACO) and Director Remziya Suleyman

The ACO is the lobbying arm of the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).  Shortly after the Haslam administration sanctioned the AMAC in November 2011, four of AMAC’s council members organized the ACO.

According to its website, the ACO “was established in late 2011.  It was established to bring the Muslim voice to the political stage with the objective of changing the local political debate.  As a political advocacy organization, it is our aim to continue to be a visible force throughout Tennessee.”

The ACO’s Director and lobbyist is Remziya Suleyman, lead propagandist against the anti-terrorism bill.  She will be visiting your legislator in 2013 as she has every year since 2009 when she worked for the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition – TIRRC.

Suleyman says that what used to be anti-immigrant/refugee issues in Tennessee have morphed into anti-Muslim issues which she has been called upon to defend. She says she is now working for religious freedom for Muslims in Tennessee even if that means that everyone else’s religious and constitutional freedoms are abridged in the process.  She says that mosques are very influential centers within the Muslim communities and she wants mosque members to be more politically active.  Now that the “Islamaphobia” campaign has been nixed by the Associated Press, Ms. Suleyman must manipulate the leftist interfaith community to work her agenda.

Ms. Suleyman, her friends and their agenda

On June 28, 2012 the Institute on Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), the Interfaith Alliance and the Nashville based First Amendment Center’s Religious Freedom Education Project sponsored a panel to discuss mosque development in America. Panelists included Kathleen Foley, a fellow with ISPU and author of the report “Building Mosques in America: strategies for securing municipal approval”, Mohamed Elibiary and Remziya Suleyman. The panel discussion can be viewed at “Mosques in America: Our Shared Future”.

Elibiary and Suleyman state that the advance and spread of Islamic religious demands in the U.S. are fed by newly arriving Muslim immigrants and refugees that began increasing during the 1990’s.  Foley said that the larger numbers of Muslims combined with the financial readiness of established U.S. Muslims and their organizations means that mosque expansion is ready to proceed, with new development especially focused in suburban neighborhoods.

The long-running Refugee Resettlement Watch blog confirms this and much more about the impact the politics and mechanics of refugee resettlement is having on our country and Tennessee.  One recent example is the move by the St. Paul Minneapolis school district to  eliminate all pork products from its school cafeterias.

Elibiary is the guy who in 2011 downloaded to his personal computer, classified Texas Public Safety documents marked for official use only.  This was confirmed by Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas Dept. Public Safety.  Elibiary offered these documents to a media outlet claiming them as evidence of Islamaphobic activity in Governor Rick Perry’s administration.  The media outlet disagreed.  Another notable credit of Elibiary’s was his appearance as a guest speaker at a December 2004 conference in Dallas, titled “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary,” which was held in honor of the late Ayatollah Khomeini.”

On December 22, 2012, Suleyman and Elibiary along with Tennessee AMAC member Danish Siddiqui, presented a panel session at the Texas Dawah Convention titled “Educate, Empower & Engage: The Way Forward”.  Newsletter #41 includes more information about the aggressive, religiously obligatory proselytizing of Islam called dawah which Islamist organizations say should also be conducted in U.S. public schools.

Yasir Qadhi, imam at the Memphis Islamic Center also spoke at the Texas convention. Newsletter #35 and Newsletter #47 detail more fully Qadhi’s anti-Christian and anti-Semitic viewpoints which he justifies with his religious doctrine.

The point these second generation Islamists make is that advancing their religion in the U.S. is a matter of politics; the perfect example of political shariah.  Elibiary says that the First Amendment is supposed to protect, not contain religion.  He promotes using religion in the political arena as a way to “aggregate and then collectively bargain” and advises that “you make your friends before you need them.”

Sound political advice.

Ms. Suleyman’s revisionist account of political events in Tennessee

During the IPSU panel discussion Ms. Suleyman makes some interesting, albeit, inaccurate assertions.  For example, she says that her community will not tolerate First Amendment free speech which she defines as Islamaphobic rhetoric, especially since there is no problem with Islamic radicalization in Tennessee.  Well then just for the record:

Carlos Bledsoe from Memphis, after converting to Islam, taking the name Abdulhakim Mohammed is serving life in prison for shooting and killing Private Andrew Long at the Little Rock Army recruiting center in 2009.  Prior to that he attempted to firebomb the home of a Nashville rabbi.

-2006, Mahmoud Maawad was arrested in Memphis for participating in a planned terrorist event

-Knoxville 2003, Mustafa Saied recounts being radicalized at the University of TN having joined the Muslim Brotherhood

-Knoxville 2010, Hazam Ali Ahmed pled guilty to 16 federal firearms, conspiracy, cigarette smuggling and money laundering charges.  The profits were being sent to the Middle East.  He was also caught by the FBI recruiting for al Qaeda and talking about blowing up a shopping mall

-Nashville May 2009, it was reported that extremist texts and audio tapes by known radicals were discovered at the Al-Farooq mosque.  Some of the material calls for the killing of homosexuals and calling on Muslims who are not themselves engaged in armed jihad needing to “strengthen the capability of those fighting on the front line”

-June 2010, the Memphis Islamic Center hired Yasir Qadhi as its resident scholar.  He is one of the founders and featured instructors at the Al Maghrib Institute which both the Christmas Day bomber and convicted terrorist Daniel Maldonado attended.  Qadhi’s media company sold recordings by al Qaeda’s cleric Anwar al-Awalaki.

-July 2011 the Masjid al-Noor mosque near the University of Memphis planned to host a presentation by one of Hamas’ top fundraisers, Mohammed al-Hanooti.

Ms Suleyman, ignorant or deceitful?

Around minute 44 on the IPSU panel video linked above, when discussing the anti-terrorism material support bill which Ms. Suleyman steadfastly misrepresents as an “anti-sharia” bill, she states:

I never knew the concept of sharia…I called imams across the state and I was like guys what is sharia? I gotta go

talk to politicians…

Shame on Ms Suleyman, who, as a self-professed observant Muslim wearing the hijab, doesn’t even know anything about her own religious law which is the lynchpin of Islam.  And who disingenuously claims that the anti-terrorism bill  allegedly tried to outlaw the Islamic law she doesn’t know. (The bill never did or tried to do this.)  Newsletters 31, 35, and 47 provide at least a snapshot about the fundamentalist imams with whom Ms. Suleyman was consulting. It should be noted that she has worked closely with Yasir Qadhi to launch the ACO in Memphis.

Ms. Suleyman uses the typical “Muslim as victim” theme to mischaracterize the opposition in Murfreesboro to the mega-mosque project.  How convenient to ignore the fact that what the citizens opposed was an irregular planning commission approval process for the project, the fact that Muslim Brotherhood materials were being distributed by the mosque, and the fact that a mosque board member had evidenced ties to a terrorist organization.

You will never hear her mention the fact that she brought Hamas-CAIR to the Tennessee capitol to help her protest the anti-terrorism bill.   In fact, according to “MuslimKnoxville” facebook member  “CAIR & [the Islamizied] ACLU have stated that we need to be represented by very large numbers from the entire state.”

Nor does Ms. Suleyman ever acknowledge that the Muslim individuals and organizations with which she regularly interfaces are deeply committed, connected and rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood plan for our country to replace the U.S. Constitution with sharia law.  Some of the organizations she works with, such as the ISNA, are specifically named in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum discovered during the Holy Land terror financing prosecution and were subsequently named as unindicted co-conspirators.

The bottom line for Tennessee legislators

Your legislators need to know that along with the interfaith network Ms. Suleyman networks heavily with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations.  Start with Newsletters #2 and #3 even though there is more about her involvement in other posts.

When Ms. Suleyman comes to your legislator’s office they need to understand that her claim of fighting for religious freedom under the banner of “when we stand up for the rights of others today, we are ensuring our own rights tomorrow” is both slick and deceptive in its simplicity.

Help your legislator understand this:  kosher for Jews means THEY don’t eat pork; halal for Muslims means that NOBODY eats pork.  Translation: to protect the rights of Muslims and their Sharia law means depriving non-Muslims of rights such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

The Governor won’t listen to the facts, but maybe your state legislator will.

Remziya Suleyman

remziya suleman2

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