So.. If Islam Is Just a Religion…

Then why is America and the world being  inundated , no strangled, with the muslims view and insistence of change?

That’s  because they use the religion as a guise to gain support and traction to be able to implement their “laws” instead of ours.

Lets look at CAIR-HAMAS. they are the self-proclaimed largest muslim advocacy group in the country.  Here is an example of their” just a religion” lies.

CAIR Objects to Brennan CIA Nomination

CAIR to Hold Inauguration Day Open House on Capitol Hill

Media Urged to Drop Term ‘Islamist’ in New Year

CAIR ‘Disappointed’ at President’s Signing of NDAA

Suburban elections see rise in Muslim candidates

CAIR chief claims Muslims discovered America

Now lets look at a Tennessee organization, called the American Center for Outreach, run by a Remziya Suleyman.

“The American Center for Outreach (ACO) was established in late 2011.  It was established to bring the Muslim voice to the political stage with the objective of changing the local political debate.  As a political advocacy organization it is our aim to continue to be a visible force throughout Tennessee.”

Then there is AMAC (American muslim Advisory Council)

“Our mission at AMAC is to foster mutual trust and protect all Tennesseans against prejudice, terrorism and other criminal acts through education, communication and empowerment”

Then there’s the “cultural” side of the religion, which our public schools teachers, administrators and staff have been trained in, thanks to Connecting Cultures,   the US Dept of Justice, Diversity in Dialogue (Scarritt Bennett ) and the Islamic Speakers Bureau (aka Islamic Network Group)

Why is the Muslim Brotherhood, ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) and the MSA (Muslim Student Association) and other Islamist organizations  growing in the United States?


So..the point is with the insurgence of mosques being built, and the holier than thou attitude, if muslims just want to pray and be part of their communities, why the need for all the political islam rhetoric?  The muslim community is very good at playing the victim , nice guy, and “we are just like you nonsense”, but we are becoming wise to their ways.

So if islam is just a religion,  build your mosques, pray and live your lives the way every other religious community does.















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One Response to So.. If Islam Is Just a Religion…

  1. Liz says:

    Hazem Hmoud.”People are really, like, stpipeng over each other,” said Madiha Kham.”Considering it’s a religious obligation for us, and we have to pray on time, it’s impractical; it’s inconvenient. I mean prayer should be something enjoyable,” said Mohammed Djeffal.”So it not good enough! No other religious group makes these requests. F***ing idiots.News from Tunisia not good. It was one if the most liberal of the Arab states.

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