In Their Own Words..Muslims Shouldnt Celebrate New Years

It’s always interesting when I’m emailed an article from a muslim website that is so stark compared to what they preach. The below article

4 Reasons Why Muslims Shouldn’t Celebrate New Year’s  is a great example.  The hypocrisy of the “muslim-Americans”  is so blatant, I can only hope eventually those educators, ministers, and” love thy muslim neighbor”  sorts, see the  writing on the wall.

The article , written by  Muhammad Wajid Akhter, joins  a list of authors with well-known radical ideology.  It suggests  celebrating New Years is the first step of a “slippery slope for muslims“, also stating it is inaccurate and pagan due to their following the lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar.

It is pointed out their 2 Eids, are for encouraging prayer and dua, where as celebrating New Years is “completely cut off from the reality of the rest of the Ummah” (Islamic community)

Reason #2 – it usually involves un-islamic practices. such as “Instead, they are (and I know this is a generalisation) mixed gender events where people wear fashionable clothes, dance and sing songs, etc. It is necessarily an Islam free zone, not least because it has no basis or relationship to Islam.”

Finally the number 1 reason says in part “By adopting the celebrations of others, we are not harmlessly saying a few words or just enjoying ourselves. We are opening the door to disappearing within the dominant culture, to a future in which our children may have Muslim names, but are otherwise indistinguishable from non-Muslims in their habits, customs and appearances.

What strikes me the most, is the audacity this community continues to have. They have absolutely no intention of assimilating. They are not about practicing their faith and live and let live.  It’s all about their “rights” and stepping on yours.

Read the full article here

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