Another Muslim Double Standard UPDATE

So a few weeks ago, a “devout” muslim by the name of Naeem Davis pushes a 58 year old Queens non muslim  man on a subway track. After running from the subway station, He turned himself in to police the following day and stated to police “God was testing me. I failed that test.”

Davis also stated because of his religion he visited a mosque daily. Naeem Davis


So a Brother, a “devout” one at that, knowingly and intentionally pushes a non muslim man to his death , and not a peep from the muslim community.

Forward to today. Statement from CAIR (aka Hamas)

Muslim civil rights group calls on nation’s leaders to speak out against growing Islamophobia

Whats amazing about this story, is witnesses stated the woman prior to pushing this poor man on the track seemed despondant, and was talking to herself. Now, her statement has been released and she has become quite articulate. She claims to hate muslims since 9/11 and has been beating them up ever since.

Both stories are heinous acts, but both deserved attention from the muslim communtity.

What we see here is clearly a double standard.   .  Ghaddafy was right, they dont need guns, bombs or armies to take over America, they are doing it from within. Playing the victim is an excellent move.


So Today SALON an online news source has this for a headline

Monday, Dec 31, 2012 08:24 AM CST

                                Death by brown skin                           

                            An Indian immigrant’s subway tragedy is a reminder of a destructive Islamophobia that has spread across the country


Funny, A brown skin Muslim murdered a non muslim a few weeks ago and it was no concern to CAIR aka HAMAS  or any other Muslim.
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