2012 ..The Year Of Creeping Sharia

The exposing of the Islamic infiltration within our schools here in Middle TN has unfortunately just begun.  Murfreesboro City Schools started this travesty  by inviting HAMAS’ (CAIR) friend Connecting Cultures, into the school.  This organization is run by Lobna “Luby” Ismail, who just so happens to   conduct diversity training for the US Dept of Justice and CAIR aka HAMAS.   Connecting Cultures came to Murfreesboro City School District  to give administrators, staff and faculty (Rutherford County Schools District also attended) training on “arab culture”.  The US Dept of Justice was also kind enough to send representatives, as was the NAACP,   FBI  and The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

Sounds like an event  every parent should have known about, or even attended.  However  the only parents in the know were from the Islamic Center.

Other hair-raising events that occurred, but seemingly were swept under the islamic carpet was the Diversity in Dialogue training conducted in the J T Moore Middle School.   Scaritt Bennett’s own Suha Ahmad-Alsyoufi  and Beverly Goetzman (the fibber)  led teachers to believe she also was from Scaritt Bennett so they would truthfully state their feelings about muslims and african americans, when in fact she (Ms Goetzmen) is with the Metro Nashville School District.  Seems the teachers were made to role play muslims and in the end were surprised to learn the deception from one of their own. ( Taqiyya  at its best)

Then there’s the road trip the students from Martin Luther King Academic Magnet take to the Islamic Center of Nashville aka the mosque where Carlos Bledsoe became radicalized.  This trip stinks of indoctrination, as they give your child refreshments and a copy of the koran for them to keep. If that isn’t bad enough,   Imam Mohammed Ahmed    is the same imam that believed it was proper for the Egyptian Police to conduct virginity tests on young women protestors in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring, and he has no qualms telling that story.

The best story though, had to be the big oops made by the Rutherford County School District. Seems a young muslim boy brought his classmates gift bags to celebrate the muslim holiday Eld al Adha, which marks the end of Ramadan.  If the allowance of celebrating a religious holiday wasnt bad enough, what was in the bags certainly caught national attention. Seems the muslim mom and dad thought it appropriate for the little boys in the class to receive little games and a toy gun. Now, despite what picture the school may have shown the local news channels, this is the picture of the gun and the gift bag given to one of the boys.  Gun looks a little too real doesn’t it?


Then there is AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council). and the  ACO (American Center for Outreach)   Both of these groups have been legitimized by the local govt to train our law enforcement and lobby within our legislative process.

Finally. and most disturbing of all is the blatant,overt, in your face existence of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s present within the MTSU Muslim Student Association, The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, The Islamic Center of Nashville, The islamic Center of TN, The Muslim Student Assoc of Vanderbilt, AMAC, the ACO, as well as HAMAS aka CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and its affiliates that we have mentioned above.

With the New Year just days away, we will continue to expose the islamic  infiltration and indoctrination. However, it all does no good unless YOU , the parents, teachers, community leaders, pastors  and politicians become active and part of the solution.  Stand up for whats right, stop being afraid.

Happy New Year

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