Tullahoma News Displays Ignorance or Arrogance?

A newspaper is a scheduled publication to inform its community of the good, the bad and the ugly. A responsible editor sees to it that its staff is fair and doesn’t judge but reports all sides.  That’s where the brakes come on.

Back in November a local chapter of a group called Act for America invited Dr Bill Warner to give his lecture on political islam. The entire community was invited to attend.  Before the event even took place the newspaper began printing editorials. One in particular calling Dr Warner part of the” anti muslim inner circle”

Pictured below is

Dr. Angie Murdock, John Seely and Donna Seely.


Another idiotorial called  “Standing together as neighbors” stating Dr Warner spreads misinformation.

The evening of the event the newspaper would have one believe the protestors were in abundance, when the fact is there were 12 out of 140.  There were other letters to the editor printed, of course more against than for.

What is disgraceful is a rebuttal  (Read below)was prepared by the local head of the ACT Chapter, at which time the Editor Susan Campbell refused to print, stating “we are moving on” Really Ms Campbell?

After reading this disgusting piece of one-sided garbage ,http://www.tullahomanews.com/?p=9559  that was most likely written by the cowardly MARIAN GALBRAITH or Brian Justice , its unfortunate people actually still pay to read your paper.

Ms Campbell  it’s so sad your staff has the giddiness to write such a piece, but then loses the gumption to sign their name(s). What are they afraid of? If they feel so strongly in their beliefs on intolerance, and are so knowledgeable of political islam  then why are they anonymous? The questions Ms Galbraith had of Dr Warner were that of a high school year book journalist instead of a thought-provoking intelligent reporter. chastising him for making money for writing books was her best shot? yup..good job.  She must earn a living for free.

Perhaps you all could learn a thing or two (or more!) from Dr Warner . Your co exist theory for muslims is a lie. Interfaith dialogues are considered a shirk. (look it up) A muslim can not accept or acknowledge another god, doing so is a shirk ( a major sin) . SO the tolerance idea is non-existent.

Oh well, I’m sure you will continue to label all those that you don’t like, or disagree with . Cant wait to see my label.


In response to the guest editorial in November 9th paper and the follow-on articles on November 11th, the writers were not candid in their characterization of ACT and the presentation at its meeting.

On November 8th, Dr. Bill Warner gave a very detailed, comprehensive and accurate account of the military history of Islamic politics. At no time has there been the slightest evidence that anything Dr. Warner presented was anything but factually true. However, the Our View editorial on November 11th implied that the factual information about the history and objectives of Islamic politics was divisive and vilifying.

We certainly disagree with both Islam’s political and religious positions. However, simple disagreement does not equate to fear or hate.

The meeting organizers and supporters were cordial and invited the entire community. The newspaper article implied there was conflict, claiming that half of the room was filled with an opposing group wearing blue shirts, when in fact there were 12 out of 140 people in that faction.

The public needs to consider who instigated this message and for what purpose. If we succumb to this suppression of truth, we will become a nation who is willfully ignorant of a historically proven threat that faces this nation. Ultimately, the threat will be realized and this country will stand to lose its freedom and ability to be a beacon in this confused and bankrupt world unless we are informed and willing to act to protect our values.

ACT of Coffee County exists for the purpose of informing. All are welcome to participate.

ACT for Coffee County

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4 Responses to Tullahoma News Displays Ignorance or Arrogance?

  1. D. Baldovin says:

    Cathy, heard a short blurb of you this A.M. on DelGiorno! Along the lines of this post, I would like recipients to know that I sent a letter to the editor of the Moore County news here in Lynchburg. Our new editor came from the Tullahoma News. He has not told me that he will not print my letter, but as it has not appeared as yet, so I think I get the picture. In one of our exchanges he opined that he did not think my letter was “relavent.” Shall I opine that I think he may be protecting his buddies over at the Tullahoma News? Take care and let’s not cut ’em any slack! David!


  2. gjsandlin@lighttube.net says:

    Yes. Let’s keep shining the light on the media cockroaches and watch them squirm. They need to be held to the stnd of fairness and free speech.

    Best Regards, Greg Sandlin, c931-273-8955 – Sent from my Verizon 4GLTE –

  3. Russ Sandstead says:

    love your articles,  I have heard Dr Warner many times,  he is fantastic,  thanks for doing wh

    The best, Russ931 334 7877

    >________________________________ >From: Knowledge is Power >To: rsandstead@yahoo.com >Sent: Monday, December 17, 2012 10:35 AM >Subject: [New post] Tullahoma News Displays Ignorance or Arrogance? > >ch565 posted: “A newspaper is a scheduled publication to inform its community of the good, the bad and the ugly. A responsible editor sees to it that its staff is fair and doesn’t judge but reports all sides.  That’s where the brakes come on. Back in November a loca” >

  4. projektx says:

    “I like this! So amazing that I’m definitely coming back again later.”

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