Who’s Listening?

As I left the great state of Texas this week, I wondered where hasnt the arm of the muslim brotherhood reached? The problem in Texas used to be illegal mexicans. Now its creeping sharia. I sat in the airport and watched business men on their Bluetooth discussing the day’s business, while women busily kept after their children or attended to their calendars. All this as Christmas music lowly played from the overpriced stores lining the concourse.

So whats my point? Most Americans are absolutely, unequivocally oblivious to the continual islamic infiltration in our country. With that comes the loss of several of our freedoms.  But hey, its Christmas and we are too busy spending money we don’t have so we can’t be bothered. Go ahead and buy now, because we may not be allowed to celebrate Christmas next year.

Only a handful seemed to care that Muslims have been in our public schools “training” our teachers in Rutherford County or that a muslim boy handed out gifts for a muslim holiday. Fewer yet cared that Korans are given out to students every single year to Metro Nashville school kids as they visit a radical mosque, whose Iman thinks its great there may be honor killings happening here in the USA. No parent outrage over the training involving Metro Nashville teachers having to role play being a muslim either.

We have proven on this site and on www.tn4politicaljustice.wordpress.com  that there is in fact significant evidence that the muslim brotherhood is alive and well here in Middle Tennessee, and that CAIR( Council on American Islamic relations) has been right there with Connecting Cultures and the Islamic Network Group And Diversity in Dialogue assisting the indoctrination of your kids.

Well, despite all the heads in the sand, we are still continuing to expose because we believe we are a thorn in someones side.  Stay tuned, we have some news on Franklin High School coming up!


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4 Responses to Who’s Listening?

  1. nora says:

    I’m listening. I’ll be back in the saddle after Christmas. I think I’m still depressed about the election. It makes everything seem more difficult.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m listening. I’m thankful I’m on your email list because I know I’m not going to hear about these things on the evening news. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Brenda Baggett says:

    I am just as bewildered, puzzled, angry, confused…about the lack of concern for what is going on in our public school systems as you are & feel your irrate with the WHY more parents in just Rutherford County alone, let alone Davidson County aren’t outraged by what is going on with the deception & creeping sharia & brainwashing of our children’s minds to accept the evils of islam. Parents are so busy doing this & that they aren’t protecting the most important things in their children’s lives, their precious little vulnerable minds. I’m so disturbed by this & I’m a grandmother & I attend these Board of Education meetings (lol) knowing their minds seem like they are already made up even before the meetings & how they can face the few of us with out lightening striking them is beyond my understanding. We vote & We remember is the only solace I can get. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel your frustration, but there are a lot of us that see the danger in islamization of America. Don’t give up, keep the faith and keep spreading the word. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, the people will wake up and see whats in store for our country.

    What’s really strange to me is that the very people that are falling over themselves to kiss the islamist ass will be expendable or slaves when sharia law comes. I wonder if they realize that islam still allows and encourages slavery?

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