CAIR Faces Fraud Lawsuit

Lets see how may people respond to this. CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) an organization  we have spoken about several times as it is connected to the Islamic Center of Murfressboro is certainly under fire now.  CAIR is facing a massive fraud and cover up scheme that by all rights should send all their thugs that escaped charges a few years ago from another investigation to jail.

Oh did I mention CAIR is the organization that came to town to stand with Saleh Sbenaty and other leaders on the opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro? CAIR is also the partner of Connecting Cultures who conducted training on behalf of the Murfreesboro City Schools, which Rutherford County School staff attended?

So CAIR is not the pure, pious, religious, honest, american organization they profess to be.  This is just the beginning.   Are you listening?

Heres the whole story:

Massive fraud, cover-up by CAIR exposed in federal lawsuit

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One Response to CAIR Faces Fraud Lawsuit

  1. Bruce says:

    Check out the book “Muslim Mafia”. There’s another lawsuit involved there, and David Yerushalmi is working on it, too. Here’s a link:

    These CAIR “terrorists in suits” are a scourge to America. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of their organization.

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