Mufreesboro Mosque and Their Govt Allies.

No wonder our Public Schools are in trouble. Not even the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well in Tennessee can keep the White House administration or the State of Tennessee from participating in their activities. Sunday was the grand opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and was attended by non other than the  U.S Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez, and Jerry Martin, U.S. attorney for Middle Tennessee.




Was it appropriate for two members of the Govt, which supposedly is to be unbiased, and neutral in their representation of all americans to attend this function?  Arent all govt  law enforcement  entities, state and fed, supposed to fight terrorist organizations and protect the  very people they serve, not just muslims?

It has been proven on this site as well as the site that the connections the Islamic Center has with the Muslim Brotherhood is at best alarming.  Guess this is no surprise, since Mr Perez had stated to this community   that his office” has their back” if it turns out that opponents aren’t as interested in zoning esoterica as they are in sidelining the practice of Islam in Murfreesboro.

Has their back? Has Mr Perez made such a outlandlish statement like that to other religious organizations that may have experienced threats or problems with zoning laws?

This is the same Tom Perez that wont commit that this administration wont seek to implement a blasphemy law . (  )   The connections that have been made are steadfast proof, including pictures of known Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to this mosque and some of their members.

If, as some news rags will lend you to believe that no muslim wants Sharia law implemented, they are the ones that are foolish, ignornant and asleep. There are several indications that this community does in fact wish to see sharia as part of the law of our land. It is proven everyday, as they push their Dawa on non muslims or kafirs as they refer to us.

I wish the community of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro well, as I do not care about the way they practice theri religion.  However I do care about their members ideology and affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood.






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