Cover Up Is Worse Than the Crime

Thank you to all that attended the Rutherford County School Board meeting last evening.   Credit should be given to the school board members that did the right thing, and addressed the issue of the toy guns. Too bad the same credit can’t be given to Mr Odom, Director of Schools. Once again, the subject of islam in the Rutherford County Schools has reared its ugly head, only to be nurtured by its ignorant allies.   It’s interesting how many stories have been told to deflect the truth. From “its like a birthday party” to “it’s a cultural celebration”. Tell enough lies and usually somewhere in the mix lies the truth. Not this time. Why? What is motivating the Director of Rutherford County Schools, the Principal of Barfield Elementary, the 4th grade teacher and the muslim community to hide the truth. Well, with the muslims its called taqiyya, the art of deception. What if any, connection do these educators have to hide?  The coverup is always worse than the crime.

Truth of the matter is, the teacher was aware of the muslim holiday, as was most of the staff at the school since the muslim parents brought lunches in to celebrate. The teacher was also asked if gifts could be brought in to be handed out to the students. Below is a picture of one of the toy guns, along with the gift bag which clearly shows “Happy EID”

In case there is any question as to it being a “religious holiday”, also below is an absentee excuse form from the Islamic Center of Nashville, which was sent to the Metro Nashville Schools, clearly stating it is a religious holiday. So if the Islamic Center of Nashville is stating its a religious holiday, are the muslims in Rutherford County different?

Mr Odom had the same twisted tongue when he was asked about the  Arab Culture training his administrators and staff attended in May of 2011.  He has opened the door for the muslim community to enter and proselytize their religion.

Another troubling issue is apparently Mr Odom isn’t even aware of his schools student policies. Stating “there isn’t a copy in the central office” when asked about the Barfield Student Handbook, is quite an indication of his ineptitude. It is very disingenuous to the parents of this school district to be told such implausible stories.

So what is next for Mr Odom. He is clearly smitten by the muslim community. As is the principal , Ms Judy Goodwin, and one of the seven  fourth grade teachers.   the toy gun issue may be over, but the celebration of islamic holidays, islamic training, and islamic infiltration is not.

Everyone is watching.

Link to Religious Holiday Absentee Excuse form



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7 Responses to Cover Up Is Worse Than the Crime

  1. pamela says:

    Mr. Odom has a long history of wimping out instead of doing the right thing – In 1992 my 8 yr old son was attacked by a much larger boy at the school where Mr. Odom was the principal. His response was to tell me that the boy couldn’t ‘do detentions’ b/c his parents worked and he had to ride the bus……and the attacker learned that he could get away with anything at school since there was no other punishment applied. Too bad Mr. Odom doesn’t realize that the situation with islam is a GREAT DEAL MORE SERIOUS and may end up with far worse consequences to everyone in his schools and this county! Plus – think of the students who learn of his continual lies….what a great role model.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shame on the so called “educators” here, in this community! What in the world is WRONG with these folks…. or have they actually forgotten, we are in the BIBLE BELT too? Certainly their “action, or perhaps LACK THERE OF” speaks MUCH MUCH LOUDER than “their WORDS!” Outrageous, these folks really NEED to wake up and see the TRUTH! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE AN AMERICAN MUSLIM….. or in the case these educators haven’t “noticed” IT WAS IN FACT the muslim brotherhood who fired INTO Israel, THIS WEEK TOO!
    How stupid do these folks think parents are???? WE ARE AWARE and YES WE ARE WATCHING!!! BE VERY AWARE, Rutherford County! That’s “my” advice!!! IT IS SURE AND CERTAIN, you guys have NOT seen ANYTHING YET….

  3. colene dunnigan says:

    I put this on Facebook. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Geno says:

    It is gratifying to know that SOMEONE in Tennessee is AWAKE! The GOVERNOR is not and most of the SCHOOL BOARD is not. Islam IS NOT a RELIGION! It IS a POLITICAL SYSTEM which includes a religion just as it includes EVERY OTHER aspect of life. Muslims are REQUIRED to deceive non-Muslims. The end (WORLD DOMINATION) justifies any means to achieve it. AMERICA! PLEASE WAKE UP! LEARN ABOUT ISLAM! There is no such thing as “The Golden Rule” in there is in ALL the other world’s religions. Islam and the United States Constitution are NOT compatible. DO NOT EVER GIVE AN INCH! EVER!

  5. Brenda Baggett says:

    I was at the school board meeting & was sadly disappointed with the choice of the board to totally insult the intelligence of every parent & citizen in Rutherford County. The decision to look the other way with no repercussion of the actions of the parents, student, teacher & principal knowing the guns were not allowed according to the student handbook, page 9, section 7,( I believe from memory)?? as I don’t have a handbook with me, but read it; even a “replica” of a dangerous firearm is not permitted to be brought onto school property. The bias shown here is incredible. Other children have been disciplined for a child bitting a pizza into the shape of a gun & saying bang, bang. He was isolated at a table at lunch for a week. Very tired of exceptions continually being given to these people because of their “cultured ignorance”.

    • Geno says:

      Sorry, Brenda. These people are NOT ignorant. EVERY move they make is calculated to take just one more bite out of OUR freedoms. This was not accidental nor was it caused by ignorance.

  6. pamela says:

    What Mr O and others don’t realize is that there’s nothing “nice” about the tenants of this ‘religion’ they are protecting….women are slaves as are all children….where are those who should be defending the children? Islam is the religion of ‘peace’….obviously!? A 15 yr old girl was beheaded b/c she rejects a marriage proposal from a family member

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