Rutherford County School Board

To all that have asked, the next school board meeting will be: Thursday Nov 15, 2012 at  5:00pm

If you wish to speak, you must sign up, and follow the protocol

Below is the response from the school district regarding the celebration of the muslim holiday with toy guns.


Statement about toy guns at Barfield

November 5, 2012

Early last week, a Muslim parent sent small gift bags for her child’s fourth-grade classmates. The goodie bags contained gender-specific toys, and two of the boy’s bags included a small plastic toy gun. The teacher handed out the bags during the last few minutes of the day.

A concerned parent contacted the school and the central office, and the school then contacted the Muslim parent to explain that toy guns were inappropriate to be given out in school.  The parent was understanding and says the goodie bags were part of their way of celebrating the Muslim holiday Eid, which includes gift giving as one of the customs.

The Tennessee Zero Tolerance statute does not address toy guns. Rutherford County’s current out-of-school suspension/expulsion policy 6.316, like the Tennessee statute, does not address suspension for toy guns.

The School Board will consider additions to the current discipline policy relative to toy guns, which are not currently included in the Code of Discipline. The Board will discuss those potential changes at the upcoming policy committee meeting in November.  Current School Board policy permits students to observe religious holidays.

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