Who’s To Blame For Toy Gun Incident?

Understandably our first reaction is to blame the school. And I do, to a point.

Lets start back to the “arab culture training” that was sponsored by the Murfreesboro City Schools and the US Dept of Justice delivered back in May 2011. Members of the Rutherford County school district attended that training too. We know the training was more indoctrination, since there is no difference between islamic culture and their religion..it is all-inclusive. So what the teacher allowed to take place, was merely the “sensitizing” and political correctness characterized by this training.

When the US Dept of Justice, along with a Muslim Brotherhood partnered organization called Connecting Cultures entered the schools with this bogus training, it also placed a thought in the back of every educators mind.. a possible lawsuit.  Connecting Cultures, founded and run by Lobna “Luby” Ismail of Maryland, just happens to be the “go to” organization for CAIR(Council on American islamic relations). CAIR is known for bullying any entity that doesn’t allow their thugs to “train”. Most times, instead of suing monetarily, CAIR will instead demand they deliver “training” to employees for a undeterminable amount of time.

Lets not forget the influence of another Muslim Brotherhood affiliate , such as the local AMAC (American muslim Advisory Council) What Connecting Cultures and US Dept of Justice started, its AMAC’s job to finish. This past August, AMAC reached out to  local muslims to be trained to be able to “speak in a variety of  public venues to diverse audiences including middle and high schools, universities, faith-based and community organizations..to educate about American muslims and their faith as a means of promoting religious literacy mutual respect and understanding”. Whether you like it or not.

The blame needs to be wider spread. Lets blame Governor Haslam for even allowing AMAC to exist. If he hadn’t   legitimized this terrorist loving group to partner with TN Homeland Security it wouldn’t be able to go to the schools.  How about the leaders of our organizations that allow this to be perpetrated by opening their doors and embracing them. Lets urge our community leaders to take a stand, and say no.

The bottom line is, these islamic Muslim Brotherhood partnered organizations are entering the schools to “train” our educators and if by chance the schools stand up and say no, CAIR will be there with lawsuit in hand.  Same for law enforcement and other organizations they need to promote their propaganda to.  All for fear of a lawsuit and being labeled a bigot or islamaphobe.  Folks, CAIR is going to sue you whether you let them in or not. Once they are in, they will sue for more accommodations.  Saying no is the only way to win the battle that ultimately will win this war. Believe me, it’s a war.

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8 Responses to Who’s To Blame For Toy Gun Incident?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why has this not been reported in the Daily News Journal or any of the Nashville TV stations? Have these news outlets not been told and why?

    • Pam King says:

      Anonymous, you are talking about the liberal msm! They know about this but they choose not to report it. If you want the truth, get a copy of The Rutherford Reader. The Reader is not afraid of these thugs that want to silence freedom of speech.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was reported to the dnj but it was reported in a way that you would think you were reading about the weather. Not much emphasis placed on the inappropriateness of the weapon and the fact that it was in celebration of a MUSLIM holiday.

  2. Tom Anderson says:

    The minute Rutherford caved on the issue of the mosc, choosing to ignore the law and leave taxpayers in the dark, taxpayers who have paid and paid for years to support the county government, they chose to align with ignorance and the devil, instead of standing up to this evil bunch. They got sued anyway.

  3. You're gross. All of you. says:

    Nice racism. It is people like you that continue to give the South it’s racist, ignorant stereotype. It was a child who brought a gift and was reprimanded. You claim to be Americans, but you are far from it. You are exclusionary, you are racist, and to not allow freedom of religion is UNAMERICAN.

    • ch565 says:

      Thank you! Let me correct you on some things. Islam and muslims are not a race, therefore you are wrong. Islam is a religion and muslims are followers of that religion. The muslim child is not the problem, his muslim parents that bought GUNS and sent them to a public school are the problem. You are wrong again. As an American from NEW YORK, it is my freedom of religion not to have islam forced on me and mine. So your stereotype comment about the south is WRONG. . Being wrong 3 times in one comment makes you ignorant.

      • Novita says:

        Have an interfaith wddnieg. You can combine customs from both religions into the ceremony.My future brother in law and his wife did this (he is Catholic, she is Jewish) and it turned out really nice.

  4. You're gross. All of you. says:

    Hey 565. No one has forced anything on you. You choose to follow it and then scream about being forced when it turns around to acknowledge you. You probably read about Muslims every day. You probably show up to all of the events where this is a discussion to feel important. This is a big day for you, eh? And to think a kid bringing gifts to school to try to share his experiences with the class is forcing a religion on you. You’re weird. You’re anti-social. You’re sad. New York is embarrassed to have you.

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