Muslims Celebrate EID Giving Fake Guns to 4th Graders

Here we go again. Local muslims have truly stepped over the line bigtime, and now the Rutherford County School District needs to take action.  A young muslim student celebrated  the holiday Eid al-Adha on Friday Oct 26 by bringing in presents for his class. Girls received necklaces and dolls, but the boys received table top games and fake guns ( see below picture).

The inappropriateness of this is unacceptable and abhorrent. The very thought that a muslim parent allowed a child to bring gifts to classmates is disturbing, since most schools don’t even allow christian  students to exchange Christmas gifts, unless they specify what gifts can be exchanged.

The next problem, where was the teacher? The action( or non reaction in this case) allowed  for several children to get on school buses with a fake handgun.

Doesnt the Rutherford County School District have a zero tolerance policy? Is it acceptable for children to bring fake guns into school? Has the child been expelled? Have the muslim parents been approached by school officials since they most likely purchased and wrapped the fake guns?

Parents, you need to be outraged. Outraged over fake guns being given out as gifts,Outraged at the blatant indoctrination of your child being given a gift for an islamic holiday, when Christmas and Easter have essentially been banned.   The phones at the Rutherford County Schools should not  be silent for several days. The governors office also needs to be contacted. Children have been expelled and or arrested for less than this for sure.

I can only imagine if a non muslim student gave a muslim student a gift for their religious holiday , especially a fake gun,  there would be riots in the street for sure.

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42 Responses to Muslims Celebrate EID Giving Fake Guns to 4th Graders

  1. Sharon says:

    What school did this happen in?

  2. susan says:

    What happened to zero tolerance? If this had been my child he/she wouldn’t have stepped foot back in the classroom for the rest of the year, been brought before the juvenile court system and placed on probation and DCS would have been involved. Hmmmm, maybe for Christmas I will send toy guns to school and lets see how long it takes for the county to act on this. Just image if all the kids in school brought “toy” guns as gifts the teachers would never know if they were “toys” or the real thing. Such a sad state this school system is in. Just my suggestion, lets bring prayer back in the schools and leave the “guns” at home.

  3. kay says:

    This is “SHAMEFUL” and to say disgusting would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!! Heaven forbid we so much as refer to our “Winter Break” as CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. . . without the celebration of Jesus’ Birth, there would be none! This is EVERY SINGLE ELECTED OFFICIAL in Rutherford Countys “peace loving” dream…may Jesus Christ have mercy upon them all….every teacher and all the way up to the TOP of the food chain! Christians, be warned….this PEACEFUL RELIGION is just getting started, and Rutherford County SCHOOLS are in the cross-hairs!!!! I’m livid, and I will be the FIRST to say…SO BE IT, WAY TO GO Rutherford County, I’m just “waiting” to sue you….
    Continue this “misfortunate” calculating “LACK OF EVALUATION” and IT WILL COME HOME TO ROOST!!!!! I will PRAY diligently for EACH MEMBER OF THIS “FINE” Community, of appeasers!

  4. Jerry Gordon says:

    This is outrageous. However, the silence from parents, the fourth grade teacher and Rutherford County School administrator is deafening. This celebration of the Haj by a Muslim classmate bearing sex-typing gifts to girls of necklaces and dolls and realistic fake guns to boys should have had every parent of these fourth grade students exploding. It hasn’t so far. That is because local Muslims in Rutherford County know that they have an ally in the USDOJ , Governor Haslam and Bill Gibbons the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security and Safety with his AMAC advisors to protect the public profession of their ‘faith’.. They know that after the successful opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro that the locals are intimidated. One wonders if the useful idiots at the Gannett property in Middle Tennessee, The Tennessean and the local Daily News Journal as well as the liberal pundits at the Vanderbilt First Amendment Center have words of wisdom to convey on this violation of good sense. Somehow, I don’t that this act by a fourth grade Muslim student and acquiescence by the home room teacher and school principal will get any local coverage given the politically correct act of recognizing this celebration of the Haj- pilgrimage to the Kabah in Mecca, the fountain of Salafist/Wahhabist Jihad. Guns and Jihad go hand in hand, don’t they?

    • Carl Duke says:

      I’m from McMinnville and left the area a long time ago. You guys in Murfressboro elected those officials. That’s where you start and make sure that the funding for that Muslim school is not funded by State and Federal funds. Starve the horse!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Guys, we need specifics..where did this happen? When we get those specifics we need to bombard our elected officials, the media, e-mail, facebook….everything…until we get an investigation. But we’ve got to be able to name names to accomplish this. Us talking amongst ourselves is great to allow us to vent, but we need to demand this information be publicized to make a difference.

  6. Anonymous says:

    By the way, I’m not really anonymous, I just don’t know how to log in to this site…this link was sent to me by someone else…my name is Beverly….

  7. Brenda Baggett says:

    Were these toy guns given to muslim students by muslim students at our public schools on public propert? If so, who saw it, teachers,students, parents?? Why were these toys sent to school by these parents?? How was this dealt with? Was it dealt with the same way as with a non-muslim student? These questions need to be addressed & not swept under the rug. Someone needs to be accountable. Nothing in newpaper was it?

  8. Anonymous says:

    It was Barfield… see next article – bottom right below comments.

  9. Leona says:

    I just went through the Rutherford County Student Handbook and code of Behavior and Discipline and there is nothing in there regarding toy guns on any level. The zero-tolerance policy is against weapons and dangerous instruments and are defined as “a firearm or anything manifestly designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting death or serious bodily injury or anything that in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of causing death or serious injury.” So though in bad taste and poor judgement not against school policy as stated.

    As for the gift giving on a religious holiday, I don’t see anything in the Student Handbook at all. All the schools that I have dealt with in this district (granted only 4) have had a policy that if you bring something for the class you bring something for everyone. There is no rule against Christmas or any other holiday as a standard policy that I have been able to find.

  10. Anonymous says:

    We all need to stand up to this and now! It’s almost too late.

  11. icare says:

    In response to Suan, I absolutely AGREE, brings the PRAYER back to the schools, and here’s where I beg to differ with you, how about LEAVE THE MUSLIMS out?

    My goodness, they have plenty of space at the Mega Mosque….don’t they? I do believe they now want “burial grounds” out there too, well why NOT SCHOOL them too?

    With regard to the School Handbook, does it specify that a female Muslim is to be passed by WITHOUT head check, for lice? Does it mention that real silverware is no longer permissable, due to use as “weapons” and this system opted for “PLASTIC WARE, instead?”

    Folks really need to realize, that I was NEVER made aware that Haj was a “religious holiday” either, NOT FOR MINE anyway….

    Appeasement is the UNDERSTATEMENT HERE, pure and simple. . . and remember, it’s the TAX PAYER WHO pays the fine, upstanding, PUBLIC SERVANTS! WOW.

    WE ARE LOSING OUR MOST POWER ASSET, folks. . . OUR VERY FUTURE, here, WE ARE LOSING OUR FUTURE GENERATION, we are losing our CHILDREN, to a political agenda and tactical appeasement, and we are the infidel??????? HUMMMMMMMM. . . .

  12. Shayne says:

    You guys really objecting to kids being given toy guns? Seriously? What state do we live in again? My kids have had toy guns, swords, spears, bows and arrows, etc since they were at least 4, if not younger. Now, where I understand that some people may think that children having toy guns is objectionable, having read a lot of these comments, the impression I get is that the problem is the reason for the gift, not the gift itself. Perhaps we should cancel any holiday celebrations (ie Christmas) in schools. BTW, I am a Christian, I attend WOC, and I defend Christianity a heck of a lot. But I also know that it is as much the right of Muslims to celebrate their holidays as it is the right of the Christians. That is the law of the land, and has been for more years than any of us have been alive. If we want religious freedom, we have to extend it to others. Jesus is the only way, but *I* cannot make someone else’s choice. God gave us all free will. It is the God given right of the Muslims to choose Allah and Islam, and their right to celebrate it as much as it is our right to celebrate our Christian beliefs. Americans, remember the 1st Amendment. Heck, remember the Bible!

    • Deltaknight67 says:

      Shayne: Are we reading the same Article,Schools have a so called zero tolerance for a ANY WEAPONS, either Plastic.paper,Drawings of guns,knifes ect. Do a little research for your self on the subject and you’ll find Little people have been handcuffed and hauled off fo such at schools.
      The subject is not the Muslim holiday it’s about the TOY GUN for goodness sake. Side note: I don’t know of any other Religion except the Muslim Religion that is KILLING Christians and other Religions Burning Christian Church’s and other Religions Place of worship around the world,Do you? The Quran Tell’s the Muslims NOT TO TAKE US AS THEIR FRIENDS. ( FACT ) So I will help them to fulfill that Part of the Quran,I WILL NOT BE THEIR FRIEND.!!!!!!!!

      When the President ( Obama ) called the Navy Seal’s,
      They Killed Osama-Bin-Ladin.
      When the Navy Seal’s Called the President,
      He let them die.

      “” REMEMBER BENGHAZI !!! “”

      • Leona says:

        Deltaknight, did you read my comment? Toy guns are NOT against the zero tolerance policy. If a school makes it an issue it is not because of the policy. We should be outraged at the inconsistency of how school administrators interpret policy. Race, creed nor color should be considered when tolerance issues are implemented. And all discipline decisions should be transparent and understood by all parties.

  13. Alexander Taylor says:

    Whew…. at least it wasn’t pizza. scary stuff.

  14. grandmother says:

    My great grandson was called to the principals office and his mother was called for pointing his finger like a gun and he is in the second grade! But someone can give out toy guns! What is wrong with our officials?

  15. Shayne says:

    @Deltaknight67 If the outrage is that toy guns were given to young kids, and that you disagree with kids having toy guns, I understand that. I think it’s silly, but I respect that, and for that reason I would not send toy guns to school as gifts, or give them to another kid at all unless I was sure of the attitudes of the parents. If the outrage is because of the school system giving a kid punishment for pretending a piece of pizza is a gun, and then allowing this kid to hand out toy guns, I get that and agree with it. However, line 2 of the article is “Local muslims have truly stepped over the line bigtime.” Are *you* reading the same article as the rest of us?

    All Christians are not Timothy McVeigh. All Christians are not David Koresh. All Christians are not murderers of abortion doctors, or pedophile Catholic priests. Westboro Baptist Church ring a bell? I don’t know a single Christian who is as hateful as them. By the same token, not all Muslims are Al Quaeda. Remember Benghazi is a sincere warcry. I understand it quite well. What happened there was evil. But not all Musims are evil. They are all bound for hell if they do not become Christians, but they are not all evil.

    In my lifetime I have seen a definite trend away from God and the church. I pray that trend reverses, but I’m not convinced it will. I think that we need to be as careful of other people’s religious freedom as we can, at least as a means of retaining our own. This current administration has already started eating away at religious freedom with Obamacare. This will happen more and more. We need to stand firm against the erosion of any religious freedom if we want to keep ours. This doesn’t mean embrace Islam, by any stretch, but it does mean that they can legally build a mosque in Mboro, it does mean that they can legally build one at Ground Zero in NYC, it does mean that they have as much right to celebrate their holidays as we do ours.

    Be outraged that some family had poor enough taste to send their kid to school with gifts of toy guns. Be outraged that the school allowed it. But to be outraged because the family was Muslim is bigoted and wrong.

    • Brenda Baggett says:

      Shayne, We are not bigots because this child happens to be from a muslim family. It’s the fact that special treatment continues to be given to muslim because of their victim mentality. Those of us who have taken the time since 9-11 to study Islam & the evils & destruction of its ideaology know how they operate. they come in like “victims” & leave as “victors”. They teach total world domination. They are strategic. Check out their manifesto. We have. They lie (Taquia which is permitted & practiced in their Quran).

      • Janelle Peabody says:

        It is the double standard that bugs me…most schools don’t even let them draw guns. They are given way too many privileges that we all used to have. Thing is that they have taken those privileges away from us and have given them to the muslims. It is just wrong. They are taking over incrementally, especially with that huge mosque here in town.

  16. Jody says:

    Barfield Elementary Handbook states the following:

    Students must not bring pyrotechnics (i.e. fireworks, ammunition, etc.),
    dangerous weapons, replicas of dangerous weapons, self-defense devices (i.e.
    mace, pepper spray, etc.), or other potentially harmful items (i.e. matches,
    lighters, lasers) to school or any school activity or event.

    I would consider the “toy” guns a replica of a dangerous weapon.. It shouldn’t have been allowed no matter who the gifter was.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I don’t have a problem with boys playing with toy guns, but due to the school shootings and killings that our country has been through in the last 15 years, I find it highly inappropriate for a parent to send toys guns to school as gifts. I do agree we need to bring prayer back to school.

  18. Sharon says:

    Here’s where I am; is anyone else stuck here and does anyone know if something can be done?

    I have three children in the Rutherford County School system. I went to the school board meeting back this summer and I know the resistance we are facing. I am also informed enough to know (thank you to Cathy Hinners and Michael DelGiorno) what is really going on. I am a Christian and I can definatively say this is not “bigotry” , “racism”, “islamophobia” or any other term that is so freely thrown about by the media and people who are making judgements without education. That being said, I feel like we are going to be shut down unless we have something very strong to stand on. We can complain all day long but the school board made it clear that they are just going to bulldoze over opposition on this side of the arguement. We have to talk to them in a language that cannot be ignored. Is there anything legally that the parents of children in the school system (and anyone else who wants to join) can do to move the needle on this? Are there lawsuits that can be filed on behalf of the people of Rutherford County against Rutherford County Schools given the clearly preferential and inconsistant treatment of this situation verses the kid that got in trouble for pointing a gun shaped slice of pizza? I think legal action is the only thing that’s going to make a difference and it’s the very ploy that the muslim community is using now. Does anyone have any expertise in this field and is there a way we can band together (maybe using this site Cathy) to get organized? Facebook doesn’t work well and to the vast majority of people out there who like to throw around the bigot card, Social media just turns people off unless used correctly but this site can be a place where people can join in, sign up and organize?

    • Pat says:

      Sharon, we have formed a group called PTE – Parents for Truth in Education. We started the group because of all the islamic misinformation in the 6th grade World History Textbook. Now this issue has reared its ugly head. We are aligning with many people that have expertise in this field and will become very familiar faces with the Rutherford County School Board. We recently attended a special called meeting with both RuCo and Murfreesboro City Schools concerning charter schools and vouchers. All 5 of our state legislators were there – Ketron, Tracy, Womick, Carr and Sparks. There are many things going on in this county and if you would like to join us please let me know. I will fill you in. We welcome all the assistance anyone has to offer.

      • Sharon says:

        Pat, thank you so much for leaving this informtaion. This is what I was looking for. I absolutely would like to join this group. I know of a few other parents that would probably like to as well. Is there an email address or website where we can participate and get up to speed? This is the type of organization that this cause needs. I have a 6th grader in the county schools and I just noticed this obvious favoritism in her history book a few weeks ago. If I recall correctly, there were 5-6 pages on Christianity and 22 on Islam.

  19. Here is a link to a more neutral article on the event, with more information.

    It seems to me like not that big of a deal. The toy guns were only in 2 out of 30 bags, the school didn’t have any specific policy against fake guns (so no suspension) but is now considering changing the rules so they do. Seems like an honest mistake by everyone involved, one that won’t happen again.

    I don’t think the story would be that much different if you substitute “Christmas gift” for “Eid gift.” People trying to do something good. Honest mistake. Situation clarified, all is well. That’s my take.

  20. Also- I would consider that this article has no links to actual news stories, and the photograph is unattributed. Many of the other commenters have called attention to this fact. Please do what I did and google for facts before drawing conclusions.

    • StandUp says:

      The 2 bags story by the school statement is completely false. The boys in the class were given guns in their “gift bag”. There are more than 2 boys in this class. I can say the photograph is a picture of the real “toy” gun given to the male students. I have seen it myself. I hope the school board does look into the policy and make changes to the rules.

      • Yes, but not all boys in the class received toy guns in their bags. Again, according to the article I linked- which has far more information than the one on this site. The article also has a quote from the Rutherford School spokesperson saying the policy will be looked at.

      • ch565 says:

        please get the facts straight. This story was reported by a parent whose child was one of the receipients. There were 10 guns. Also the picture included with the story is the actual fake gun.

  21. borofreedomlady says:

    ok, for all of you parents that are concerned about this incident, and the fact that Rutherford County School System parents have been placated with benign, sweep it under the proverbial rug answers from our system, you need to be at the Rutherford County School Board Meeting this Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

  22. Randolph says:

    Is the picture of the gun above the actual gun the boys in the class received?

    • Pat says:

      That is what I would like to know! If it is, it is in violation of federal law since it doesn’t seem to have the required orange tipped barrel. We need parents/grandparents to attend the meeting tonight. We need people to speak up about the biased implementation of discipline in our school system. Pizza slices and fingers do not equate a toy gun that looks realistic. I have been told students are allowed to bring gifts in celebration of cultural holidays but not religious holidays. With islam there is the problem – their religious system is their cultural, legal, and political system. There is no separation. These gifts, whatever they were, happened to be brought in for celebration of a RELIGIOUS holiday – the teacher was asked by the parent ahead of time about gift giving. There is violation number one. The gifts happened to be realistic looking guns – violation number two – weapons on school property. Don’t tell me they are exempt because they are toys – pizza is food, fingers are anatomy and yet students were disciplined. I could go on – but most importantly BE AT THE MEETING TONIGHT. 5 P.M. 2240 SOUTHPARK DRIVE. Sign up to speak!!!!!

  23. Pat says:

    Late update! PARENTS sign a paper stating that they have read and received a copy of the student handbook every year. Cited straight from the Barfield Elementary handbook it clearly states under General Rules Page 9, #7 “Students must not bring pyrotechnics (i.e. fireworks, ammunition, etc.), dangerous weapons, replicas of dangerous weapons, self-defense devices (i.e. mace, pepper spray, etc.), or other potentially harmful items (i.e. matches, lighters, lasers) to school or any school activity or event.”

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