Thank you all for the comments on this post. The important thing to remember is this must not be pushed aside, by parents, community leaders or the school district. Several things have been brought forward that need to be addressed.

If the RCS does not have a zero tolerance policy, the state does. We all know in this day and age, bringing not one, but 10 fake handguns or any other fake weapon is unacceptable.  This gun by all appearances resembled a real revolver that could have caused a horrific accident.  If you are familiar with this post , you have seen several occasions the RCS district has been brought under fire for, for the special accommodations given to muslim students.  The political aspect of islam is encroaching on every other students and parent religious beliefs and it needs to come to an end.

Currently, in the Tampa FL schools, CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) has influenced the school board by threats of lawsuits,  and because of the lack of knowledge and political correctness, radical islamists are allowed annually in the Tampa schools to train not only the teachers but the students. This is where our public schools are headed.

If you are satisfied with creeping sharia, then this incident will go unchecked and more accommodations for muslim students will fare well, while non muslim beliefs will continually be banned and silenced


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  1. LyAnna says:

    Rutherford County schools does indeed have a zero tolerance policy. I know of a kid who they tried to expel for having a box cutter in his vehicle that he used for work.

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