It’s Time For Answers

We as Americans, have 3 core values. Our children, our faith, and our right to  feel secure (law enforcement and the military). Right now all 3 are under attack and because there are no guns, tanks or bombs, we continue to let the enemy march in. That’s right…the enemy. The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations),AMAC (American muslim Advisory Council), ING (Islamic Network Group), Islamic Speakers Bureaus, the ACO (American Center for Outreach), Connecting Cultures, Diversity in Dialogue, and every local mosque is just that.

We as Tennesseans have 3 big problems. Gov  Haslam has lied about partnering with AMAC, the Gov has hired a  woman who can’t possibly effectively do her job, since it would be against her religion to do so, and the Gov is allowing our law enforcement to be “trained” by  Islamists.

Haslam has paved the way for law suits in  public schools, whether they accept CAIR and their thugs to perform training or not, Religious leaders will be faced with hostile words liked bigots and “islamophobes” if they wake up and see through the ‘interfaith” lies. and law enforcements’ hand will only be further tied, with policies forcing them  to be tolerant and sensitive.

Gov Haslam has accomplished all this,  while maintaining  his silence.

Tennesseans deserve better than this. Perhaps he has higher aspirations, after all, deception is a prerequisite these days.

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