Billboard Asks Great Question…

How fitting. Why has the governor chosen to partner with the American Muslim Advisory Council?  We have proven that AMAC is an  affiliate and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood!  We have proven that AMAC  is no longer  interested in providing our schools, law enforcement or faith-based organizations with “cultural” training, but rather indoctrination and dawa, insisting citizens embrace their religion. We have proven that the governor’s administration has in fact legitimized this terrorist connected group by his own dept of Homeland Security/Public Safety in a letter  written by Commissioner Bill Gibbons congratulating the leaders of AMAC for establishing themselves and partnering with our state government.  Not only has this administration partnered with AMAC, they have all but tripped over themselves to accept another dirty organization called the American Center for Outreach, which is the lobbying arm of AMAC.   Our educators, law enforcement and religious leaders are being deceived by these groups, all in the name of tolerance, and political correctness. Why is Gov  Haslam deceiving  the people of  Tennessee? Is it ignorance, arrogance or stupidity?

Below is the billboard on Charlotte Ave, and the website is  There is also a donation box on the website to keep the message going.

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