CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) is at it again. This time they have spent thousands of dollars, on an ad countering one publicized on Metro transportation systems in the Northeast by Pamela Geller. obviously Ms Geller touched a nerve. Whats sadly comical, is CAIR just doesn’t get that americans are awakening to who and what they are.  CAIR, and its muslim brotherhood allies such as AMAC (American muslim advisory council), the ACO( American Center for Outreach) ING (Islamic Network Group) and Connecting Cultures all plot to prove to Americans that they are tolerant. Below is their version of an “anti hate” ad, and a breakdown of the Sura they so kindly provide on the ad. According to the very quran they hold so high, the Noble Quran, the words are twisted to their liking. But remember…they have said the quran is unchangeable,  pure and certainly never re-written.

Here is the sura in the Noble Quran:

And below this is taken from Islamcity

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