American Muslims Saving Face….

An interesting event seems to be unfolding within the American muslim world. At first glance, when the Arab madness erupted, all were apologetic, cutting and pasting each others statements ( even spelling the slain ambassadors name wrong) distancing themselves from the Arab speaking muslims because of the savagery and the  image of how muslims were being viewed by the world.  Now, the American Muslims, including CAIR, are even producing speeches  in arabic and  Yoruba to send to the  african world to explain the !st Amendment of the United States of Americas Constitution.  Perhaps the American muslims are embarrassed by the behaviour of their brethren abroad. OR is it because American muslims are  quickly losing their victim status in the eyes of the American world. Americans are disgusted, outraged and sickened by the actions of muslims across the globe. See, as it stood originally, American muslims were using this as an opportunity to exploit themselves by crying victim again. They couldn’t beat a path fast enough to the school districts to convince the administrators the need for muslim education, so they didn’t have to experience the bullying or harassment.. perhaps now, eyes are being opened to the fact, they are not victims, the are deceivers.

According to CAIR the incidents of vandalism and harassment have exploded in light of the Arab fall. Really? What they don’t reveal is,  it  is acceptable for a muslim to lie and deceive to protect their religion and further their cause. They dont reveal that if our schools or businesses don’t accommodate their demands, a lawsuit follows. Not a lawsuit with a monetary value, but a lawsuit that ends with CAIR delivering religious diversity training.

Right now the American muslim community has suffered a large black eye, and they will do anything to make us believe they are victims again.

Cathy H

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