Challenge to Community Leaders

Now more than ever, the push for islam to enter the school districts will be at full bore. Already one can see by the responses from the american muslim communities across the state, the victim card is being played out. While most have “comdemmed” the attack and murders abroad,  it seems odd that the “american”muslims are distancing themselves from the “Muslims in the Arabic-speakingworld” (taken from CAIR’s statement).  For muslims, its not about americans dying, its about americans speaking ill of muhammad, their prophet, and therefore they have been victimized once again. Sooo…now, they need to deliver sensitivty training to the non muslims that caused this problem in the first place.(their belief,not ours)

My challenge to pastors, law enforcement , educators and administrators would be to reach out to us for information. The first reaction may be to contact a local mosque or imam or muslim person you know. Going to the problem for a solution is not the answer. The religion is not the answer, their way of life is. The sunnah and the hadiths demand they imitate the prophet mohammed in order to be a perfect muslim, so going to them is of no value.

I challenge those community leaders to act on what is being offered, to at least listen to another view There is no hate, but there is common sense and an understanding of what is happening.

I look forward to hearing from you

Cathy H

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