Daoud Abudiab Response

 The following is a reply I received from Mr. Abudiab. My response will follow at the end

Daoud Abudiabsays:

Cathy H.  Just for clarification:  I have attended Church services both as a child and as an adult.  I attended Catholic school for 13 years.  I have been invited during church revival and joined Christian friends at different churches for different types of services.  Equally true, is that I have Jewish friends and have been to most Jewish synagogues and temples in Nashville.  I own several Bibles. My daughter was gifted a Bible from her great grandmother.  Her granddad is a Methodist Pastor.  My daughter attends Lipscomb University and is taking several Bible classes.  So what is your point exactly?

I am not the only one who finds trouble with Bachmann’s bogus claims on Muslim infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood.  You, on the other hand are in the minority and that is across the political spectrum.

I fully accept the US constitution and its supremacy over any other source in the United States.

I speak for myself and no one else speaks for me.  Similarly, the three Christian Identity men do not speak for Christians.  Do they speak for you?

I get the impression from your blank statements regarding Muslims that you believe every Muslim and possibly the majority of Muslims are dangerous?  Do you believe that no Muslim may work for government in any capacity?  Do you believe that American Muslims should not enjoy equal rights afforded to other Americans?

Many functions and open houses are open invitation.  I mentioned I attended Church functions, that does not mean everyone at that church is now associated with me!  So Mr. Nihad Awad showed up responding to an open invitation and to my knowledge he personally was not invited by the Murfreesboro community.  Several people who supported the anti Shariah bill, showed up to listen to a Muslim speaker last Thursday.  Does this also mean that they too are associated with Muslim Brotherhood?  TN4Polictial justice makes many false claims about many of us having ties to Muslim brotherhood.  There is lack of integrity in much of your statements and misinformation to discredit Muslims in Tennessee.

Daoud Abudiab.

Thank you for responding,

Just a few questions.

As a muslim, you do not accept the Sharia, or the Sunnah, which states all good muslims must follow   the life of the prophet, muhammad?

Are you familiar with the Holy Land Foundation Trial?

Thank You

Cathy H




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