Mixed Message?

By all accounts, it appears that muslim groups, particularly in Middle TN have released statements condemning the attacks of our Embassies and death of our americans

Are they really?

Whats interesting is the Islamic Center of Nashville, and AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) have cut and pasted each others statement, and the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is very similar. This further solidifies the oneness of their positions and viewpoints. Could they not have released their own individual statements? This speaks volumes about their shared ideologies, while the ICN is by its actions, defining itself as a radical institution, the other organizations don’t seem to mind associating with them. (Hence our saying, if you lay down with dogs you get fleas)

AMAC, the “partner” of the TN Dept of Homeland Security, should of all organizations be distancing itself from such ideology, after all they have a lobbying arm within this administration the ACO (american Center for Outreach)

Suffice to say, now that AMAC has been legitimized by the Haslam administration they feel rather comfy revealing their true colors.

RIGHT NOW is the time for our local community leaders to be mindful these groups are feeling victimized once again, and may reach out to educate under the guise of “bullying”. This will undoubtedly open doors of sympathy so they can continue to “diversify” and educate and to end what they have phrased “Islamaphobia”

Cathy H


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